for the First time since about three decades, Japan from officially commercial reasons to hunt whales. To this end, the third largest economy in the world from the International whaling Commission (IWC), as the government in Tokyo announced. The hunt for business purposes should be included from July next year.

The hunt will be limited to the regions off the coast of Japan: “We will not be waters in the Antarctic or in the southern hemisphere to hunt.” Japan has already killed every year, many whales, after the official presentation of “scientific purposes”.

The environmental organization Greenpeace has criticized the announcement of sharp. Japan scissors from the international community, – said the head of Greenpeace Japan, Sam Annesley. The step is contrary to the efforts for the necessary protection of the oceans, and “of these majestic creatures”.

it had, However, signed the withdrawal of Japan from the whaling Commission: In September, the government in Tokyo had failed in the IWC with a request for a return to commercial whaling. The country had argued at the IWC annual meeting in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis, the stocks of some whale species have recovered to the extent that the commercial whaling could be allowed again. After the rejection of the request, the Japanese government warned that Japan thought of itself led to a “fundamental reassessment of his Position as a member of the IWC”.

In the company of Iceland and Norway

government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said on Wednesday, at the annual meeting, there had been “no concessions” in the States exclusively to the protection of marine mammals obliged to see. A co-existence in the IWC is no longer possible.

The government in Tokyo wants to inform the International whaling Commission until the end of the year is officially in full retreat. This is in order to 30. June valid. Japan will then waters to Sugas information in Japanese territory and in the so-called exclusive economic zone of the country of whales to hunt. With the withdrawal from the IWC, Japan joins the other two major whaling Nations Iceland and Norway, the prohibition of fishing in 1986.

the International Convention for The regulation of whaling was decided in 1946 to protect whales. In 1986 commercial whaling was banned by a Moratorium on international.

Japan uses so far, but there is a gap in the agreement, according to which whales may be killed for research purposes. The country scientific reasons for whaling claim that the meat of whales killed but is subsequently used for consumption.

Japan makes no secret, and explains that whaling is an important part of its culture. Government spokesman Suga said, now, with the withdrawal from the IWC Japanese whaling might give the “rich whaling culture of our country to the next Generation”.

Japan hunts for centuries whales. After the Second world war, an important protein was whale meat source for the impoverished population. In the past decades, the consumption of whale meat has declined, but strong.


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