The protests and riots of the “yellow West” of France, President of Emmanuel Macron, more and more in distress. With a hastily put together package to “economic and social emergency measures,” the French authorities are trying to calm the situation and has adopted a corresponding draft law.

however, The is seemed to be less extensive than it will be after the televised speech Macrons in front of almost ten days. Although it provides for wage-earners below the line, a surcharge of about 100 euros a month – because of the pads, de facto, is likely to benefit but only a good half of the recipients thereof. In addition, the Macron promised cancellation of taxes and charges on Overtime work only for employees, but for employers.

Since mid-November, the “yellow West to organize” in France, again and again mass protests and block roads. The movement is no political bearing, any trade-Union or party to assign. Originally, she was against to high fuel prices. Meanwhile, she has become a protest movement against the policies of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

“text of the law in record time”

the French government has reacted to the adopted draft law. Thereafter, relief for pensioners are provided, on a monthly basis for less than 2000 Euro. Five million pensioners to benefit. In addition, the government gives the company tax-exempt bonuses to its employees. According to the French Railways and the oil company Total, the Post announced a one-off payment of a maximum of 300 Euro to their employees.

“the text of The law was prepared in record time,” said government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux. The billion-dollar package will already be on Thursday in the national Assembly for advice. In the Wake of the protests discussed return to the property tax, however, is missing. The abolition of the wealth tax was introduced Macron the reputation to be a “President of the Rich”. A re-introduction of he castle.

the government estimates The cost of these concessions to a total of around ten billion euros. Therefore, the French budget will not be in the coming year is likely to be against the EU rules. The government currently expects a deficit of 3.2 percent of economic output, the EU allows a maximum of three percent.

300 Euro special payment to police officers

Among the security forces in the country, for weeks the protests by the “Yellow vests” in continuous use, to grow meanwhile, of the displeasure. The national Assembly decided on Wednesday night, a special bonus of 300 € for all officials, which were due to the “yellow West”protests. The Supplement is paid to 111.000 police and the state charged box office with 33 million euros in addition.

protests in France, Yellow jackets, empty coffers

in January, the government intends to organize a “great debate” with the “yellow West”, municipalities and other company representatives. You should lead, according to a government spokesman, Griveaux until the middle of April in “very concrete decisions”.


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