Munich – the usual ICE not and will not be displayed once, instead of the passengers to the Track, suddenly, in a regional train on the other. And the is fast full to the brim. Since Friday, train commuters from Augsburg and the surrounding area require a special load test. Because of Ulm’s main train station with the new line Stuttgart–Ulm is linked, not to keep ICEs for 14 days in Ulm and not have to drive to Augsburg.

“So bad, it was never, there was also no Information that the ICE moves,” says Beatrix. s., used daily on the route. All shoved themselves into the regional rail in, it went so well. “A Tin Of Sardines.” The mood in the train cars was bad.

+ A construction site at the Ulm train station. Since Friday, there will be tracks associated with the new route – there is a 14-day Suspension for long-distance transport.© dpa / Sebastian Gollnow Between Munich and Augsburg, “half of the long-distance transport offer in the professional transport”

Also IC and EC-Connections from the drop to exceptions, between Stuttgart and Munich. The passenger Association Pro Bahn summarizes it this way: “On the highly loaded commuter route between Munich and Augsburg in the rush to the halving of the long-distance transport offer.”

up to 9. November is going to continue, Per rail holiday is expected after the end of the school, even a worsening of the Situation. Jörg Bruchertseifer, Vice-Chairman of Pro Bahn, calls for quick Action and a replacement offer with sufficient Seating capacity. “Is incomprehensible to me that in the case of a construction project in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the impact to Bavaria was not at all taken into account.”

+ Because it is Blue and White: The trains between Munich and Stuttgart operate for the time being, at other times.© Christandl

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According to the train no limitations from Nürnberg upcoming trains

a halving of the offer, the railway wants to know nothing. “In the long-distance trains that travel from Nürnberg motorway via donauwörth and Augsburg to Munich, there are no restrictions,” says a spokesman. Of Ulm, re-routed trains would depart at other times, and if possible strengthened. “In addition, passengers between Augsburg and Munich, and could use, of course, the many regional trains. “The commuters will distribute in the next days automatically better on the trains.”

A choice you have not: ICEs, the need to drive in Augsburg, for example, on the Monday at 8.42 PM or 8.54 PM, will not be displayed in the web-App. Beatrix S.: “Two trains fall away so completely.” The consequences can be imagined…

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