to mitigate

Overcrowding in the subway in Tokyo during the morning rush hour, the operator on the appetite of the commuters: Should be convinced in the next two weeks at least 2000 commuters, in the morning, earlier in the chronically overcrowded Tozai-line, you will be rewarded with free Tempura – a deep – fried food or noodles.

The metro operator in the largest Metropolitan area in the world to try for a Long time with various initiatives, the crush on the Tozai-line to mitigate. Between 7.50 and 8.50 a.m. in the morning, more than 76,000 passengers use this line – twice as much as originally planned. Commuters are so close together that you can not move practically.

corporate support campaign

The noodle campaign relies on a gradual reward system – the more people of your train ticket will be penalised at a previous point in time, the better. It should create even 2500 commuters earlier in the track, there is a coupon for a bowl of complimentary Soba noodles, which are wheat-thin, brown-gray noodles made from the book. Even 3000 commuters should leave earlier in the morning, you will get both Tempura and Soba.

“We hope that this encourages people to help the situation relaxed in the commuter traffic,” said metro spokesman Takeshi Yamashita.

The complimentary Breakfast is just one of several measures to relieve the transportation. The government of the Tokyo Metropolitan region, time has launched its own Initiative to discharge the U-Bahn: more than a thousand companies participate in the campaign, which allows their employees to come earlier in the morning to work and to go for it sooner or to work from home.


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