What is the language assistant gives the better answers? The have asked the staff of the U.S. investment company Loup Ventures and Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), the Google Assistant and Siri (Apple) can compete against each other. Google truncates according to the report, at best: 88 percent of all the questions and commands has been answered, the wizard of the Internet group and running properly.

The Tester had given the voice assistant, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple 800 identical tasks. Only devices that are intended for use in the apartment. The testers set up an Apple HomePod, a Amazon Echo of the second Generation, a Google Home Mini and a Invoke-speaker Harman Kardon with Microsoft’s Cortana on Board.


to assess the competence of the Software, the researchers two simple criteria: the wizard, the task correctly? The answer was correct? Split the tasks into categories, which was tested, among other parts of the city of Minneapolis, the city, and the local Basketball Team referred to:

local knowledge (example: “Where is the nearest Café?”) Shopping (for example: “Can you order me the paper towels?”) Navigation (example: “How do I get to Uptown?”) Information (example: “Where to play the ‘Twins’ tonight?”) Command (example: “Remind me, Steve, today at 14 o’clock call!”)

In one discipline, all of the smart speaker is convinced: When it comes to understand the issues, it worked almost always. Google interpreted all 800 commands correctly. The HomePod was three, Cortana five and Echo in eight language commands next to it.

Alexa fumbles Shopping

When searching for the right answers, it looks different. In this discipline Google with 88 percent of correct answers, clear to the top. Apple ended up with Siri in second place (75 percent), followed by Alexa (73 percent). Behind Microsoft was with Cortana and a success rate of 63 percent.

Surprisingly, according to the scientists, the poor performance of the Amazon learning a language assistant with Shopping requests. A category, the “Alexa, the popular opinion is that Yes dominate should”, as it says in the report. While Google responded in the category of Shopping, 86 percent of the questions correctly, it was Amazon’s Alexa with only 52 percent to the third place behind Apple’s Siri.

the reason for the blunder of the Amazon, the Tester will try to explain with an example. Therefore, search Alexa to often the range of goods on offer. The Amazon wizard have on the question of how much a manicure was going to cost, with regard to a cleaning kit for $ 59 at Amazon-range responded. Google stated correctly that a manicure on average, cost about 20 dollars.

What tasks have been carefully made, does not reveal the Team of Loup Ventures. To a request from the MIRROR on Friday morning, the company has not responded. In addition to the examples in the categories noted in the report that the devices have to calculate the circumference of a circle based on the diameter and know who the former US President Thomas Jefferson had an affair.


Bottom line, cut all of the tested smart speaker better than the same Tests in the previous year. Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortane have improved compared to the previous year’s results by seven percentage points, Amazon’s Echo nine points and Siri as much as 22 points. The conclusion of the Tester is then: “We continue to be impressed with how quickly this technology is making significant progress.”

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