The Federal cartel office has imposed in 2018 significantly more likely to be penalties for competition offences by companies. It had been sent in the run-out year end notices on a total of 376 million euros, informed the competition authorities on Thursday in Bonn. In 2017, there were only 66 million euros and in 2016 in the sum of 125 million euros. Among the cartel sinners, among other things, stainless steel manufacturers, potato traders, Asphalt producers and building suppliers. There were seven searches in 51 companies.

the cartel office chief Andreas Mundt reasoned that the noticeable increase in Numbers so that we can take the closure of a gap in the law in 2017, the important procedure. “Previously, companies were able to escape through a clever restructuring of the liability for antitrust violations,” he said. Among the companies that the gap in the law used, also sausage manufacturer, therefore, you spoke of a “Sausage hole” in the competition law.

this year’s total for the sanctions but is not a long-time peak value. This dates back to the year 2014, when fines of more than a billion euros have been imposed. The money flows in the Federal budget, it is not for a specific purpose.

In cartels to speak of companies, for example, prices or sales areas secretly to each other. This is illegal, because such competitors are at a disadvantage or excessive prices for consumers. After a certain size, the EU-Commission takes care of the process.


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