that’s how fast it can go’. A few months ago, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister, Armin Laschet, none in the CDU for the title of “favorite opponent of the CSU”. In the summer, but, as it happened. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister-President Daniel Günther has outranked him. Since then, is clear: he is the new Laschet. The tips of the CSU wars, now almost Dizziness attacks, when you hear the name “Daniel Günther”. And this antipathy is mutual.

Whether it comes to personal style, political content, preferred Alliance partners or the attitude of the Chancellor: The CDU grandees and the head of the government from the North are often on opposing sides.

Dobrindt, the bile ran

Today it was the CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt, the bile overflowed. He described the head of government from the North just to the public as many of the CSU-ler it internally already longer call: “comrade Günther”. Daniel Günther had yesterday attacked in two Interviews, the CSU violently. Tenor: completely outdated, a brutal style of politics, high debt-proportion of the poor Performance of the government in Berlin. The will without personal consequences, “probably not” better, mused Günther. And then he called the entire CSU-Troika as a replacement candidate: party boss Horst Seehofer, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, and Dobrindt – “because you are allowed to exclude anyone”.

The attack came all the evil in the CSU. Some conjectured, they had been matched with Merkel. This, however, would be neither typical Merkel-typical of Günther. The 45-Year-old was in the mood for a sharp attack and has dangers. Not a few in the CDU, however, stay in cover, are quite glad that the dare one from your ranks, to give the CSU contraindicated.

taboo-breaking cooperation with the left party

Who Dobrindt back kofferte now mean, “sly advice to the sister party”, should first consider his own Position today. “What has to work Together to spread the comrade Günther also just in the summer at positions possible with the left party, which has brought neither confidence nor orientation.” Background: Günther had been thinking a few weeks ago about possible cooperation with the left party in the East. If the election results in the countries hergäben it differently, should you put blinkers on our eyes, had argued Günther. The need to address the “pragmatic”.

For the CSU in cooperation with the SED successor party, are an absolute taboo break. And since that mind game from the summer of Günther wears well with many in the CSU, the title “comrade”. Bill’s Reflections to the left party, however, had seen in his own party, many of the leadership people similar to critical as the Christian social.

Green Fans and Green-hater

Also in relation to the Green Günther and the Bavarian Union sizes, such as fire and water. Günther and the loose and is for a year at the top of a “Jamaica”coalition in Kiel, which works quite quiet. Dobrindt, however, is a veritable Green-despisers. People like bill have the Chairman of the CSU land group for almost a year, in suspicion that he has with the supporters of the CDU and the FDP, the “Jamaica”coalition in the Federal government behind shoots.

this is not just an attitude to a point, but something Fundamental. Not really surprising is it, that today is Armin Laschet, on many issues, so to speak, a spiritual Relative of bill’s, before “shift to the right-talk,” warned, and emphasized, the actual competitors of the Union were the Greens. In Munich, the tips look rather on the AfD or the Free voters, when it comes to political competition. And it was Dobrindt, who declared a few months ago, a “conservative Revolution”. The perception of people like bill as fundamentally wrong. There’s bounce in of the Union worlds.

“half of women”

And if a call such as Günther in the German state Parliament of the young Union times just in the hall “half of The leadership positions, half the Power belongs to women”, then most of the CSU to find top people are not cool or good, but next to it. Politicians like Günther are you already latent Softie-suspicion. If Kiel used his power, of all things, to inveigh against the CSU, that makes her all the more sour.

we also can’t forget that it was Günther, on that dramatic 1. July of this year, as the party chief Horst Seehofer flirted briefly with a retreat, Want to late, pulled in the evening at Anne pithy against the CSU from the leather. And a little later Günther referred to in his government Declaration of some of the behavior of the CSU as “a stimulus program for the populists”.

CSU party chief Horst Seehofer held back, by the way, today, consistently. Statements from the CDU, he did not want to comment publicly. “For now we see in addition to the formation of the government in Bavaria, the great task, that of Hesse gets a good election result for the CDU, and that the Grand coalition in Berlin is working in a stable.” This sentence could be today. maybe even all in the Union to sign Also – in an unusual display of harmony – Dobrindt and Günther.

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