It is the second largest railway would be a technology company in the world: The French Alstom group wants to merge with the Zugsparte from Siemens. But the EU has concerns about the merger. These objections are to resolve the two companies now with a package of measures.

in it it is a signal technology, in which both companies have high market shares but also to certain vehicles, seemed to be shared with Siemens and Alstom. Together, these affect around four percent of sales of the fusion, Siemens, Alstom SA, in which the Munich-based industrial group to hold half of the shares.

Apparently, the companies want the merger, not at any price. With the Commitments of the “industrial and economic value of the transaction could be true”, – stated in the message. Whether they were sufficient, however, to the EU change the mind of the Commission, is unclear.

antitrust enforcers are to be appeased with the award of licenses

according to insiders of the company are for the time being, not to make huge concessions. Therefore, you think less about a sale of company share, but rather on the assignment of licences to competitors. Siemens, Alstom, with a turnover of 15 billion Euro in Europe by far the largest supplier of trains and the associated signal technology.

The competition authorities had expressed serious concerns against the merger of the number one and number two in Europe in the pull technique, because the railway companies and Zugpassagieren bad.

so Far, Siemens and Alstom were in the case of high-speed, Regional, commuter trains and signal technology in fierce competition. The EU Commission wants to investigate whether the competition would be hampered and the prices could rise, to the detriment of millions of rail customers. A Commission decision is up to 18. To be expected of February, 2019, it said.

Siemens and Alstom had argued with the impending competition of the Chinese industry giants CRRC, the need to meet with the merger. Siemens is the manufacturer of the ICE, Alstom builds high-speed TGV train.

the failure of the merger, could Siemens its already split train division independently bring to the stock market, instead of dumping it in the case of Alstom.


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