He was up-and-comer, Achiever, success man. No one could stop him until he was President of the French Republic, and for half the world to be a Star. But on this night Emmanuel Macron is trying to give itself a new face.

“I take my share of the responsibility. I know that some of them, I hurt with my statements,” says the French President on Monday in a 20-to-watch-television speech to all the French, who runs the same on multiple channels.

It’s only been a few months since he called the French people during a visit in Denmark “change-resistant Gauls”. That’s not to happen again.

For Macron, it is the most difficult Moment of his 19-month term of office. Not in front of a U.S. President Donald Trump, which he expressed as long as the Hand, until the Trump of delivery red, he goes in the knee. Not before his most famous opponent, the right extremistin Le Pen, whom he defeated 19 months ago in the runoff of the presidential elections.

Macron in the knee

But now Macron is very comfortable in the knee: in front of all the little people that are on this evening in yellow safety vests at intersections and roundabouts throughout the country and on the phone his speech to look at. The so-called yellow the West, and have been demonstrating for four weeks for less taxes and higher wages. Four weekends in a row, it mobilized ends of each of over a hundred thousand protesters. There were spectacular violence and four Deaths. But now Macron is the yellow West appears to be right.

“The anger is deep, and I feel you in many ways justified,” he admits. For a President who gave in to the Protest, long a centimeter is a u turn.

“This is a sound that one does not know of him, forced to be humble, not arrogant. Some of these will be perhaps satisfied,” responded the evening, Sébastien Maillard, head of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris, facing the MIRROR. But outside of a roundabout in the South of France, the Department of a woman with yellow vest in front of a TV microphone and says: “He tried to apologize, but it has not succeeded.” She has listened very carefully. Macron dares to take a conciliatory tone, but no apology. The credible?

After all, he makes the thing something costs. Macron wants to pay the yellow the West, so that they finally cease their Protest, as a “virtuoso Santa Claus,” says a Paris television commentator. He has quite a bit in the Sack:

minimum Wage he wants to pay an additional monthly social assistance of 100 euros. pensioners should only pay 2000 Euro pension, and not, as previously, from 1200 euros pensions, increases in social security taxes. Overtime will not be taxed. And companies are allowed to pay Christmas bonuses, without state charges.

Everything from 1. January, Macron. It was worth the Protest of the yellow vests?

Paris, demonstrators in front of the Arc de Triomphe

What the experts say about the measures?

“It had to be. These are concrete, legitimate concessions. The French have expected that,” says the Paris strategy expert Dominique Moisi, founder of the French Institute for international relations (IFRI), of the MIRROR. Moisi someone who has misjudged the mood in France in the past, often correctly. “The question is, of course, whether this all comes to late, if it is to little”, he thinks out loud. “Mission impossible,” said others before the Macrons speech. You Moisi says now that the President had kept the best possible speech. The yellow vests were perhaps convinced, but Macron had succeeded, probably, “to calm public opinion”.

Others are troubled this evening. is one of them, a Professor of Economics Gilbert Cette University of Aix-Marseille, the mastermind of Macrons labour law reforms and, thus, a kind of French Hartz. “On the financing of the measures I have heard nothing. Want to Macron leave the European stability Pact to explode?”, so Cette to the MIRROR.

Cette and the Paris Economist Elie Cohen have proposed that the President just another financial measure: Macron would reduce tax deductions for companies in the next two years from 40 to 30 billion euros, that is ten billion for the now announced measures to win. “That should do it,” says Cette. But something else has him missing that evening: “Macron has proposed a new social Pact. He has made no promise that he will cancel the pensions, when he reformed it as planned,” analyzes Cette. This is a great opportunity missed to create for the future clarity.

“anger can be our Chance,” says Macron in his speech. He offers round tables with all the mayors in the country, wants a new social dialogue, with, as yet, unorganized citizens, such as the yellow West. Maillard find the good, but Moisi from the waves. “In the three large European countries: Germany, great Britain and France, Merkel, May, and Macron are vying for their own demise,” he says. It will also change after this night.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.