Israel’s army has acknowledged in a rare step attacks on Iranian targets in neighboring Syria. “We have begun the objectives of the Iranian Quds force-to attack brigades,” said the army in the night to Monday on their official Twitter page. The Quds brigades are the garden, the elite unit of the Iranian revolution, and are mainly used abroad.

“We warn the Syrian military before the trial, Israeli armed forces or Israeli state to cause damage to the area,” it said in the Twitter message. According to state-run Syrian news Agency Sana that the air defense system of the country was used against the shelling from Israel.

In recent years, Israeli Authorities have commented on such strikes in Syria and the reports about it only very rarely open. Stresses Israel’s government has, however, again and again, that they will not tolerate a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria.

Israel’s archenemy Iran in addition to Russia, the closest ally of the government of leader Bashar al-Assad and supported him in the past seven years, continuing the inter-Syrian war militarily (more about why Israel and Iran are fighting in Syria, you can find here).

The Syrian capital of Damascus was rocked on Sunday by several explosions. Israeli fighter jets had at least fired five missiles, the air defense began, according to state information of multiple missiles. A little later, the Israeli military published a notice that it had, in turn, intercepted a rocket that had been fired from Syria in the Northern Golan heights.


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