The Irish police have discovered a cache of weapons on the border to Northern Ireland. In the case of investigation against a para-military splinter groups of the officially defunct terrorist organization, the IRA, the police officers found a “significant amount” of different caliber weapons and explosives in the village of Omeath in the Irish area of County Louth.

On the same day, is shot in the border town of Londonderry, according to police, two people. The two men were taken to the hospital. The police believe that paramilitaries were involved. Just two weeks ago, was detonated in the city, during the decades-long unrest between unionists and nationalists played a Central role in a car bomb. No one was hurt, but experts gave the incident a cause for concern: The Pramilitärs want to show that you are back. The New IRA claimed the fact.

Actually put the para-military groups on both sides of the Protestant unionists, the Catholic nationalists, and the peace agreement in 1998 to lay down their arms. The unionists want to have always been part of the UK, the nationalists have been dreaming of a United Ireland.

The Irish Republican Army (IRA), considered to be the terrorist Arm of the nationalist party, Sinn Féin, and was dissolved at that time, officially. However, to date, para-military splinter groups in the Region are still active. Most of their criminal activities was limited to drug trafficking. Occasionally there are disputes within the respective groups.

Young ulsterman: “listen, Theresa May”

In the context of the Brexit negotiations, the tensions on the border between the EU member Ireland and the British province of the North have increased in Ireland. Experts fear that old feuds might flare up between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists.

A group of young Northern Irishman is aimed, therefore, in a Video on Twitter of Theresa May. “Listen, Theresa May,” they write, “we have no voice in Westminster. We rely on you”

More than 20 years after the peace agreement, the border between the North and the South of Ireland is no longer visible: the military posts and border checks are no longer necessary. The EU has had a stabilizing effect on the peace process in the country. However, according to the UK’s exit from the European Union will change this condition. As this exit scenario will look like is still to be. The Northern Ireland question is considered to be a large Problem of Brexit negotiations.

A new border would not only have economic disadvantages for the North of Ireland, which exports most of its agricultural products in the EU. It would also violate a key point of the adopted peace agreement.

The Protestant DUP, from Theresa may’s minority government in London, and is denied, but against the so-called Backstop – a contingency plan that would provide for an open border.

The Catholic nationalist party Sinn Féin are not represented in the British house of Commons. You have no way to take May influence. Also, the regional Parliament in the Northern Ireland Belfast since two years: The parties no longer want to govern. This is also a violation of the peace agreement. It ensures that policy decisions on Northern Ireland met in London.

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