There are credible accusations of electoral fraud, but the constitutional court declared in the Congo, Félix Tshisekedi as the winner of the vote. Now the 55 is sworn in-Year-old as President. His office is the first peaceful change of power in the Central African country for decades.

“Our Congo is not going to be the Congo, of hatred and of the tribe of thought,” said Tshisekedi, in his inaugural speech. “Our fight will be for the good of all the citizens of this country.”

Immediately after the swearing-in, Tshisekedi had to his speech, however, for health reasons to interrupt. He had a small bout of weakness, said the 55-Year-old, when he returned to the continuation of the ceremony.

The Congo was overshadowed of the poorest countries in the world

Tshisekedis way to Power in the Central African country, however, allegations of electoral fraud. Election observers of the Catholic Church and internal documents of the election Commission saw the opposition candidate, Martin Fayulu as the winner of the vote from the 30. December. The outgoing President Joseph Kabila was not allowed to apply for a further term of office.

The constitutional court had rejected the complaints against the result of the election on Sunday. Subsequently, African States, the EU and the US Tshisekedi congratulated on election victory. He was previously, especially as the son of a longtime opposition leader known for the 2017 had died.

On Tshisekedi is too much work now: Despite the rich belongs to the Congo of the poorest countries in the world Deposits of minerals like cobalt, copper and Gold. To blame for many of the greed for raw materials has fueled conflicts.

The peaceful, if not uncontested – change of power is for the Congo to be a success. After independence from Belgium in 1960, the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko had taken soon the Power. He was overthrown by rebel leader Laurent-Désiré Kabila, who declared in 1997 even to the President. In 2001, Kabila was shot by a Bodyguard. His then 29-year-old son, Joseph, inherited the Power.


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