Previously, Europe was criticism at the CSU. Five years ago, in the last European election campaign, there was still a designated EU-skeptic Peter Gauweiler of the sound at the Christmas social. Has not helped it: The party fell from 48.1 to 40.5 percent.

So the end of it. For the first time, Deputy Manfred Weber is a Party to a Bavarian top candidate of the conservative European people’s party (EPP), he wants to be President of the Commission. And so, the CSU is striving to position itself in times of Brexit and other Anti-EU tendencies this time, as a Pro-Europe force. An appropriate slogan to be adopted at the party Congress in Munich this Saturday.

In the Five-page paper, the MIRROR, cites the party to your European heritage, and tries to distance itself from the SPD and the Greens to sell. “While the social Democrats protested in the 1950s against the rapprochement with France and the Green later moved to work against the internal market legally to the field, we have worked with the Franz Josef Strauss and Theo Waigel, and Edmund Stoiber, Europe,” reads the slogan. “The CSU is the people’s party for Europe,” affirms Secretary-General Markus flower the Slogan for the election on may 26. May.

In the request, the Christian social dieAfD and the anti-European policy of other populist parties. “Who would like to abolish the European Parliament, lays the axe to the foundations of our democracy.” The AfD had recently called on your Europe Convention for the abolition of the Strasbourg Parliament. On the day of the election, the decision, whether the populism-Virus from the left and right spreads and national egoism to prevail the case “”, is read in the draft.

voice fishing #82 – Söder inherited Seehofer: the CSU is now in even more Trouble?

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in the face of such sounds will have to beat Weber in the election campaign, probably again and again the question around, how he holds it with Viktor Òrban. The Hungarian Prime Minister and his Fidesz party also belong to the EPP family, Òrban however, it is striking again and again with anti-European proposals, among other things, he consistently refuses the refugee policy of the EU. Under the party chief Horst Seehofer vagina Òrban was a welcome guest at the CSU, the Hungarian extolling the relation to the Christian-social as “a unique brotherhood in Arms”.

the Italian Ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s announced candidacy for the European Parliament is not good news for Weber and his party: The party of the EU critic of Berlusconi, Forza Italia, is also part of the party Alliance of the EPP.

In your slogan, the CSU reaffirms its no to a EU-accession of Turkey. “The EU accession talks, we want to finish on the Initiative of the next European Commission and in partnership talks convict,” it says.

just As significantly, the rejection of fiscal policy ideas, which are also shared by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. “Eurobonds, as for a long time by social Democrats, Left and Green required, will be available in Europe nor a European Finance Minister or a European unemployment insurance.”

Expansion of the Interrail programme

elsewhere wants the CSU more of Europe, especially for young people. “We want to expand the DiscoverEU-Interrail-program clearly, so that every 18-year-old Europeans can experience the diversity of Europe by train”, says the paper. With the Erasmus plus program you want to motivate young people without a University degree”, to experience a European stay abroad”. The CSU translation of “Europe from the Abstract to the Concrete” and make it “a Europe of the citizens”, says Secretary-General flower.

At the CSU party Congress on Saturday is a divorce, Horst Seehofer, after more than ten years from the office of the Chairman, the successor, Markus Söder is to be elected, the Seehofer had inherited in the spring of last year, as the Bavarian Prime Minister.

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