Three weeks after your partial victory in the congressional elections, the Democrats have. In the case of a secret vote, the 78-Year-old 203 votes, 32 party representatives got voted against you. Pelosi should be in January by the plenary of the Congress chamber be elected, she would be the most powerful opponent of President Donald Trump in Washington.

Pelosi was the Speaker referred to the Chairman post in the house of representatives is already from 2007 to 2011, held the first woman in U.S. history. The office is after the President and Vice-President, the third highest office in the state.

the Congress elections on may 6. November had gained the Democrats around 40 seats in the house of representatives, and thus Trumps the Republicans deprived of their majority. In the Senate of another Congress chamber – were able to expand the Republicans their slim majority easily.

illustrates The relatively high number of votes against Pelosis of the present nomination is that she is in the party, controversial. A group of mainly younger party colleagues had called for a new face for the Parliament presidency. A counter-candidate against Pelosi, the grouping is not nominated, however.

Pelosi said, despite the votes against you count on a strong vote in the decision to the beginning of the year. That Pelosi will be elected, is not guaranteed, but likely. The Democrats will have in the new house of representatives on 234 or 235 of the 435 seats. Pelosi needs 218 votes to become Parliament chief. You can’t afford so that up to 16 or 17 group colleagues to vote for you. During the vote in plenary, a greater unity of the democratic group is probably to be expected than in the case of the current internal vote. She is successful, she follows the outgoing Republican Chairman Paul Ryan.

possibility of “impeachment”

As the Parliament head would be the Central Pelosi in the second Amtshälfte Trumps its counterpart. You would have to block in the Hand, all Republican legislative initiatives, and important parts of trump’s Agenda. Pelosi could bring with your group, in addition, impeachment proceedings against Trump on the way. The simple majority vote in the house of representatives. Pelosi has voted so far, however, against the impeachment.

is Not excluded that your attitude changes. In the event that the special investigator Robert Mueller presents evidence that Trump was involved in illegal collusion with Moscow during the election campaign of 2016. The President to sell, but needed a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

Pelosi is regarded as a shrewd Tactician, your group is already for almost 16 years. From conservative circles, it is represented for many years as a radical and elitist Left. Trump accused her of in the recent election campaign, to be weak in the action against crime and illegal immigration. After the election, the President congratulated her but then, praised you as a very cunning woman, and offered her cooperation.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.