The FDP has named Nicola Beer to their top candidate for the end of may to be held in a European election. In the case of a vote on Sunday lunch party, the liberals in Berlin and came to Beer on the Europe, a result of nearly 86 percent in your favor. Beers predecessor, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, had to get to the party before the European elections in 2014 also 86 percent of the vote.

Of 592 votes cast accounted for, therefore, 509 on Beer, there were 67 ” no ” votes, and 16 abstentions. You’ll rock “the thing,” said Nicola Beer after the announcement of the results, with a view to the European elections.

Before the vote, Beer was placed on the party against accusations of a political close to the Hungarian head of government Viktor Orbán’s system of defense, based on LEVEL-research. Beer and her husband have tried in the past to take for the benefit of Hungary’s influence. The government of Orban is a Europe-wide criticism, is accused of the violation of EU fundamental values.

you have “no sympathy” for Orbán and his ideas of an “illiberal democracy”, said the FDP’s General Secretary, now on to the delegates meeting in Berlin, “quite the opposite”. Also you have no Connections or ties to Orban’s party.

“at the same time more and less Europe”

“My sympathy is with the Land, the people in Hungary that I’ve met in the last 20 years,” added Beer to the applause of the delegates. You referred to the contribution of Hungary to the fall of the Iron curtain in 1989.

Beer speaking before the delegates for a thorough renewal of the EU. “We don’t need reasons Europe, but we must balance the urgent.” You need, therefore, “at the same time more and less Europe”.

More Europe must be provided where the member States would be stronger together. Less Europe is where matters before the place would be better regulated. Beer added that it was not to be idly watching when in the States, the freedom of the press is under threat or the corruption to attack.


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