In the congressional elections in the United States, the Republicans have lost, from President Donald Trump your majority in the house of representatives. You retain control in the Senate, the second chamber in Parliament. The reported several US-stations on the basis of the first results, and projections.

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The election outcome is a setback for Trump. From January – when the new members in the house of representatives take their seats – can block the Democrats, many law projects. In addition, you have the possibility to decide on investigations. The results of which could form in the hardest case, the basis for impeachment proceedings can be decided with a simple majority. For an impeachment wouldn’t have to vote however, a minimum of 67 of the 100 senators, what is foreseeable.

Even if Trump does not stand personally for election, were the Midterms as a vote on his policies. “In a sense, I’m running,” said Trump to the election campaign end on Monday in front of cheering supporters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Despite the partial defeat of his Republican party, Trump assessed the outcome of the congressional elections as a success. “Huge success tonight,” wrote Trump in the short message service Twitter.

In the election, it was clear from the beginning, a comparatively high turnout. Reports of problems with voting machines were reported on Tuesday, civil rights groups, from twelve States. In two States, lawyers of citizens filed a legal suit was the learning, in order to obtain an extension of the election period in some districts. The Department of homeland security said that significant events were initially not known.

United States – that’s what the Midterms On 6. November will be elected to the United States the members of the Senate and the house of representatives. What could change as a result of the election, and watch this Video.

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