Martin Schulz knew that he had become the victim of a crime, as it at once of the Unknown called. His cell phone number and am on the Internet, informed the caller to the Ex-SPD chief. Most were friendly, told one of the employees. And curious: “just wanted to hear if there really is the Schulz goes off.”

Three days have passed since the Public learned that the data of hundreds of politicians and Celebrities stolen and into the net. How do the members of Parliament? Martin Schulz is concerned, in the meantime, a new mobile phone number. Other members have done this after becoming aware of the data theft promptly. In some of the groups in addition, hand-outs and training to be prepared.

The most radical response chief Robert Habeck showed Green. He announced, continue to abandon Facebook. The Habeck said the data Theft and the publication of “the most personal conversations between me and my family”. The Green returns, also on Twitter the back, he made a mistake in a campaign video.

“IT threat level Yellow”

The examples show: The theft of data provides plenty of uncertainty in the Bundestag. Many of the members do not feel sufficiently protected, some accuse the authorities to have you late about the attack informed.

On Friday, the Federal criminal police office (BKA) and the Federal office for information security (BSI) sent letters to all the Bundestag deputies. The BKA warns that it is possible “that the concerned persons could for example be of (anonymous) insults and threats, or in some cases damage to property”.

SPD Leader Andrea Nahles has complained that her private address was published. You’ve injured, she said the Südwestrundfunk. Also with regard to your little daughter she wanted to maintain “a certain degree of privacy”.

In the Letter from the BSI “IT-threat level Yellow,” the speech, “with increased observation of abnormalities under a temporary impairment of the operation”. The authority then gives tips on what can be done by the members – for the cleanup and prevention.

So, it is important to note, when Changing the access data of different Accounts, the order. Should be “the beginning of the cleanup measures are therefore examined briefly how the Accounts are interrelated. Then, you should begin with the Accounts (mostly mailboxes) that are used for the resetting of passwords.”

SPD calls for proposals of Seehofer

of The SPD-deputies, Helge Lindh has for the teaching to take stronger security measures. He message also, “all the anomalies, threats, and suspicious operations” of the police, says Lindh, who was already in March 2018, the victim of a hacker attack. He calls, deputies would have to be better shielded, the role of the BSI is to clarify “urgent”.

His colleague, Mr Burkhard Lischka, supplemented, “the fact that obvious for weeks unnoticed by the state authorities, data from hundreds of politicians, journalists and Celebrities have been published, raises the question of whether we are prepared really well, if it Leaks is selectively placed in data”. He expected the interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) specific proposals, such as the cyber security improves the cooperation between the authorities intensified and working procedures and responsibilities able to clear and binding are implemented.

Also in the case of the left party, there are Considerations of what consequences one draws from the data theft. “So a little bit freaked out, of course,” says Jan Korte, Parliamentary Secretary of the left faction. “I think this case will change the communication. You just have to talk more directly to each other, and, for example, not so much on Messenger exchange.”

SPIEGEL ONLINE reported in detail on the hacker attacks against politicians and persons of public life. With Details from the Data thefts, we are, however, cautious and careful. Home addresses, telephone numbers or other information which, according to present knowledge there is no public interest in the booth, we publish.

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