four and a half weeks of the part government to a standstill in the United States, it is the longest Shutdown in the history of the country, and he also restricts the work of the FBI significantly. The U.S. police can pay informants and Translators, and any kind of drugs for covert operations buy, said FBI employees, according to a recently published report by your professional Association FBIAA.

If, however, sources of the FBI could no longer be paid, there is the risk, “of losing you, and the information supplied by you forever”, was quoted an employee. A FBI office, complained to the Association that it is also about the fact that it tires the money for DNA-testing kits, replacement car and the copy paper is missing.

Tom O’Connor with the FBIAA Report “Voices from the field”

Each day the budget to stop the car lock, let the “operational obstacles” for the FBI to grow, said the FBIAA-Chairman Tom O’connor at a press conference. Thus, the damage of the waxes for the global Anti-terrorism activities of the FBI and the defense intelligence operations of other countries.

“Our leaders must listen to the voices of the men and women who have committed themselves to protect our country,” it said of the FBI-the professional Association. “There is no time to lose – financed by the FBI now!”

the majority of The approximately 13,000 FBI special agents must continue to work, even though you lock as a result of the budget do not get their salaries paid. The FBIAA had denounced the Situation is already less than two weeks ago as “unsustainable”.

More on the topic of Economic impact of the US shutdown On in the downturn

In the center of the budget dispute, the since shortly before Christmas, parts of the US government to a standstill, is the claim of the US President after the money for a wall on the border to Mexico. The opposition Democrats reject the. A total of affected staff from the Shutdown of about a quarter of the Federal authorities and the 800,000 Federal government (for more on the consequences for the economy, you can read here).

US Senate votes on Thursday on competing proposals

Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate want to vote on Thursday on two competing proposals for an end to the shutdown. However, hardly one of the two designs is likely to get the necessary 60 of 100 votes. The Republicans, from President Donald Trump have to Sit in the Senate, only a majority of 53.

The Republicans want to be on trump’s proposal to the vote, which provides $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a border wall. In turn, around a Million migrants would be guaranteed three years of protection from deportation. The design of the Democrats provides for the temporary financing of the disused parts of the government up to the 8. February. So you want to create a window of time to negotiate with Trump about border security.

Video: Due to Shutdown – CNN-Moderator starts the call for donations


Trump accused the Democrats on Tuesday once again, they played “political games”. Via Twitter, he called on his followers to give in. The Chairman in the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, demanded that Trump and the Republicans to keep the American people no longer “hostage”. The government needs to immediately be re-opened.


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