Because he insulted the state and the Constitution in ways that are inappropriate and despicable, Nikolai N. has been dismissed from the school service. The labour court of Berlin has dismissed the lawsuit of the controversial Berlin-based elementary school teacher against his dismissal on Wednesday, reports “The daily mirror”.

The Internet had spread, the 38-Year-old conspiracy theories against Jews rushed. Among other things, he had criticized the refugee policy of the Federal government, the influx of migrants and a “foreign Infiltration” of the “white nation-States” in Europe. During the day he taught at a primary school in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen English, music and sports.

Permanently unsuitable

The man was not permanently suitable for the school, ruled the court, and thus the formation of administrative law (AZ: 60 Ca 7170/18). Judge Arne Boyer said, the teachers have used the Videos to the right of the state to attack, to disparage, and to make it contemptible.

in it were also for sedition offenders sentenced. The constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany being put under pressure, the judge said. “We must fight vigorously.”

the lawyer of The “people’s teacher” had complained in the process of a media campaign against Nikolai N., which had been controlled by the Berlin Senate. N. had complained of continued employment. About the verdict, he was surprised. On an appeal, he was thinking, he said after the well-attended hearing.

In may of 2018, had resigned the Senate school administration to the teacher without notice and at extremely. He was already made since January of 2018 from the school. The Senate administration for education at the time had reported to the internal administration, in the case of N. it could be a so-called Imperial civil and criminal charges.

“rich citizens,” do not reject the Federal Republic of Germany, the authorities and the laws they recognize. The movement is nationally observed from the protection of the Constitution. In his Videos, N. denies, to be against the Constitution.

N. had responded at the beginning of last year left on the allegations against him. As a reaction to the coverage of his exemption, he published on his YouTube channel, another Video, in which he is happy about the media coverage. His clicks were gone.

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