In the affair the use of external consultants to the Ministry of defence of the willful legal break would be guilty of. This allegation raises, according to information from the world of the Federal court of auditors in its report to the budget Committee of the Bundestag. The allegations could be criminal implications.

As the newspaper writes,. deals of the twelve-page report, “retrieval of consulting and support services from framework agreements”, which are actually only provided for the payment of IBM software products and associated services The Ministry of defence and subordinate agencies have used the agreements, however, to pay various consulting and support services for various projects. This was according to the assessment by the court of auditors is unlawful.

“violations are tolerated”

since at least last June this was the Ministry of defence is also known. Nevertheless, had been approved in at least one case, services in the amount of 2.3 million euros. “According to the Federal court the Federal defense would have had to know the Ministry that it takes in order for the award of violations approvingly” quoted the world from the report of the auditors.

The Green MP Tobias Lindner of the language according to the newspaper of a possible “Buddy-network”. The FDP politician Alexander Müller said: “The loss of control of the Ministry of the lace is blatantly apparent.” He pointed out that under the commissioned external consultants, it is striking how many people were previously in any Form for the Volkswagen group, indicating a network structure to “self-assignments” of consultants instructions.

defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen had spoken at the end of November before the defence Committee on the allegations. Representatives of the Opposition evaluated your statements, but then as unsatisfactory.

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