The day started badly for Ursula von der Leyen. In the Morning the Minister received a text message from Andrea Nahles. The SPD Boss said, bluntly, that your group could not agree to the submission of the defence Ministry for the budget increase for the armed forces, a subsidiary of BWI in the Bundestag. Well 500 million more of IT should get a service provider for the next few years, around 20 million should be spent on external management consultants.

Actually, the Plan of the Leyens, would have to approve the budget Committee, the additional resources this Wednesday. However, the coalition factions took the application from the agenda. This year, it is now nothing more with the case of the BWI urgently needed money, and all because of the since weeks of raging debate about the excessive use of consultants in the Ministry of defence, because of the disclosure of procurement law violations to the suspicion of nepotism.

But it came even worse for the CDU-politician. A good four hours of defence consulted on Wednesday morning, the Committee on the consultant affair. At the end of the three representatives of the Opposition came with a very clear message in front of the door: The affair could only be done by a Committee of inquiry in its security until January 2019 you will be setting up a schedule, then it is time to start.

The Committee, the sharpest weapon of the Parliament, to investigate the use of external experts for a three-digit million amount, under defense Minister von der Leyen.

the affair in August was caused by a MIRROR report, which first made allegations of the Federal court open to the public. At that time, the auditor had examined the cost-effectiveness and legality of the consultants use in the Ministry, and several violations of law discovered.

Since then, several Complexes have been plenty of oddities revealed. It comes to violations of the procurement law, because the Ministry of advisers used contracts in the tens of millions under contracts of the Federal government, which were not suitable for this. The allegations of waste of tax revenue by Awarding contracts to certain firms, and at least in one case, even the Vetter economy has beengrowing at room.

The operations, in most cases, only by persistent research by the court has become known, for the Opposition is a scandal. “Mrs von der Leyen has lost the control of your house completely,” stated Tobias Lindner of the Green. “One gets the impression that the Ministry of the wife of the Leyen, to the self-service loading of the adviser industry has become”, was outraged to be Left, a colleague of Alexander.

FDP-defense politician, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, said: “In the Ministry, Mrs von der Leyen, the sense of loss seems to have come, what works and what does not.” The SPD budget politician Dennis Rohde announces: “We take the time to clarify all open point in a comprehensive way.”

Von der Leyen had tried to avert a Committee of inquiry into the affair. She admitted right at the beginning of the error, took responsibility and established new control instances. But at the same time they defended the use of consultants for their reforms. Also on Wednesday, she once again stressed, especially in the case of the digitization, there is “significant pent-up demand” and the pressure of time, so external Expertise is essential.

Secretary of state Suder remained in special session remote

Now, however, will need to have all of the Leyen, to a small Tribunal. By the votes of the three opposition parties Green, Left and the FDP of the Committee is to be used with safety, can request rich files, and as a court witness subpoena and under oath to be heard. In defence of the technical Committee becomes a Committee of inquiry, because records and witnesses are safety-relevant. The personnel of the two bodies are identical.

the focus of the education should be mainly the question of why the allowed as a risk-Manager well-known von der Leyen, that under your leadership consultant contracts in the amount of up to 20 million euros in procurement were unlawfully awarded. Let the Minister and your former state Secretary Katrin Suder your apparatus to have a free Hand?

In some cases, the MIRROR-searches had nourished even the suspicion that the Ministry employees, fellow consultants put orders and the procurement law for intentionally circumvented. What is remarkable about the case is that the management knew the level of the close ties between the former planning chief and the Advisor, but no one intervened.

The role of Katrin Links to your exchange one of the executives at the consulting giant McKinsey, is well lit also. Although there is no evidence that Suder your old company zuschanzte orders directly. As military Secretary of state, but they worked together in the procurement of the new multi-purpose combat ships suddenly tight with your old colleagues.

Indirectly, Suder has promoted the establishment of the Committee. A non-binding invitation to the Opposition had to beat the Ex-Secretary of state on Monday and instead on written questions. In the case of the representatives of the Opposition it rankled, strengthened the will, now harder bandages.

In the past few weeks, it was in the Ministry more and more often, of the Leyen and Suder such a close time would have set targets for reform projects that could be planned in the end by external consultants and carried out. For the Committee, the question of whether the two were the own apparatus of the thousands of officials in the Ministry deliberately from major operations out here.

The Minister himself sought after the decision to Serenity. A Committee of inquiry set up to be “the absolute right of Parliament”, said von der Leyen, after the end of the session. You and your Team know, however, that the searches of the Committee will be calling for your Ministry in the next few months, more than any other topic.

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