before the start of the parliamentary education in the adviser affair to defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, the defence Committee of the Bundestag to a violent clash between the government parties and the Opposition. In a turbulent session, behind closed doors, delayed Union and SPD, they filed for the establishment of a parliamentary Committee of inquiry (PUA), in the formal concerns.

Above all, the Union had criticized in the past days, the FDP, Left and Greens submitted 16 questions for the panel to enlightenment are too vague and contained allegations of fact which would take the result of the Committee in advance. In an internal paper in the government parties criticising almost every question, that this was inadmissible. The legal adviser of the Opposition see it differently, but nevertheless, on Tuesday night with a revised application.

The defence Committee could not agree, nevertheless, on a compromise. Consequently, the request for the establishment was removed from the agenda. Now, the lawyers in the Committee on rules of procedure will again with the case apart. Can’t prevent the coalition of the Committee of inquiry, presumably he is used now for the first time in two weeks formally.

the Committee wants to educate the Opposition numerous inconsistencies in the use of consultants in the defense Department. In the court of auditors award were revealed to report violations of the law. In addition, generals and officers of friendly consultants are supposed to have million dollar contracts leaking. The Committee also wants to illuminate why Minister von der Leyen allowed the wild growth and whether they have lost control of your house.

The Opposition to the scandal on Wednesday outraged. The FDP called the manoeuvres of the coalition parties as “pathetic”. The green defense expert Tobias Lindner took the Minister to the visor. “Ursula von der Leyen has always promised transparency, with the delay tactics of the coalition, the Minister of the ridiculousness of the price,” he said in a brief suspension of the Sitting.

The Minister did not agree with the formal arguments of the Union and the SPD explicitly. A spokesman for the CDU-politician said after the tumultuous meeting, the Ministry set in a timely and transparent clarification of outstanding issues around the use of consultants. It is now up to the Parliament to clarify the modalities for the Committee as quickly as possible, the Ministry will support the Committee.

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