CJ OliveNetworks plans to offer consulting services for Incheon International Airport to build a smart air cargo terminal. Photo courtesy of IIAC, CJ OliveNetworks

CJ OliveNetworks will offer consulting services for Incheon Airport

South Korean system integrator CJ OliveNetworks said on July 14 that it had agreed to offer consulting services for new projects in Incheon International Airport.

Under the contract, the Seoul-based company will help the testbed project of Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) in building a smart cargo terminal.

Toward that end, CJ OliveNetworks noted that it planned to take advantage of such advanced technologies as artificial intelligence and big data.

After going through the testbed program, the smart cargo terminal is scheduled to make a commercial launch.

“IIAC strives to nurture sustainable competitiveness in the air cargo area. To do so, it will proactively develop logistics infrastructure,” a CJ OliveNetworks official said.

“We will support the corporation from making architectural designs to establishing the standards for various systems. In particular, we will rely much on AI and big data.”

Included in the collaboration areas is how to set up a resilient system geared toward coping with abrupt ups and downs of the air cargo demand, according to CJ OliveNetworks.

“Our experts in logistics automation will join the project along with our partners both at home and abroad so as to construct smart infrastructure,” the official said.

“Through the testbed projects, we hope that Incheon International Airport will be able to spearhead the global air cargo business down the road.”

Located just west of Seoul, Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea. It is the primary airport serving the country’s capital Seoul and the surrounding areas.

CJ OliveNetoworks is headed by CEO Cha In-hyok.