a woman in A blood-red sequined dress, sitting in front of a wheel-sized Pizza Margherita. Around the neck she wears an elaborate necklace, to the ears, huge dangle earrings, in the shape of a heart. You tried the Pizza with chopsticks to tackle, around hampelt a bit, smiles, and then to lead a piece to the mouth. to say

Hard, what is the message that wanted to convey the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana with this and two other Clips of his campaign, “DG loves China”. In the run-up to a Show in Shanghai in November, the advertising campaign had been launched – and one may say that it is thoroughly wrong.

The fashion house was after allegations that it kolportiere with the Clip racist stereotypes, forced to cancel the Show and apologize. Then, when Screenshots emerged of Chats on the Instagram Account of the company, in which derogatory Remarks about China fell, was the PR crisis perfectly.

Gabbana and his Partner Domenico Dolce apologized declared via Video that their Accounts had been hacked, but many celebrities were there and jumped off already, and had joined the Boycott of the brand.

has Now apologized to the Chinese Model Zuo Ye for your presence in the Spot of the Italian fashion house. You would never do anything that might offend their home country, they wrote according to “South China Morning Post” on your Account in the social network “Weibo”. “I love my country and am proud of China on the Catwalk represent,” she added. It had not done enough thought about the consequences of their actions and felt “very guilty”.

However, they have also stressed no control over the content of the ad had clips, Zuo Ye. She had felt unwell during the three-hour rotation of the clip. It was difficult to cope with the chopsticks, the huge servings of Pasta and Pizza.

their careers had been ruined by the massive criticism of the campaign, “almost completely”. Zuo reported that she had been attacked in the social media and received death threats. Of the scandal but I also have a learning effect: “I’ll grow to the experience and the character of the Chinese citizens better.”

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As @Dolce Gabbana prepares to mount their next runway show in Shanghai this coming evening (7:30PM) and the rest of Instagram fawns over what’s sure to be an overly lavish “love letter” to China, we’ll be wondering if we’ll see chopsticks as hair ornaments, take-out boxes as purses, or even kimono misappropriated as Chinese costume. Time will tell. For now, we’ll let y’all simmer on this DM between Stefano and Dieter @michaelatranova (chronology is reversed in the slides). Word has it that they’re still in the process of model casting (over 200 Asian girls scheduled)…wouldn’t let them walk the show if we were their agents lol. So, curious what the Chinese government wants to think of their country being called shit basically…especially considering how strict they are on who to allow to enter the country on work visas based on a thorough social media background checks. Ï #DGTheGreatShow #DGlovesChina #runway #fashion show #cancelled #racism #dolceandgabbana #altamoda #rtw #dgmillennials #Stefano Gabbana #shanghai #chinese #china #wtf #dumb #lame #Asian model #asian #dietprada

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