In the case of the FDP, they had a quiet party this Sunday. In Berlin-Kreuzberg, the liberals want to choose your staff for the European elections in may. On the top of the FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer run. The choice of the 49-Year-old seemed to be until Recently a matter of Routine.

Now it’s not. Beer may be selected, but with a damper is to be expected.

Because the Liberal has a MIRROR report about your strange connection to the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, in the case of some delegates in the criticism. The former FDP justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger called for the Beer to clarify.

this Nicola Beer making efforts. During a Long-scheduled press conference this Friday, it then goes not only to Europe but also to Beers ‘ attitude to Hungary.

The FDP-politician announced to take on the Congress, the accusations – at the same time, they criticized the MIRROR: “Because a topic is to take a clear position, because, simply, what there is, is wrong. Accordingly, I’ll use that.” You have, so the Beer clarifies, “no sympathy for the illiberal democracy of Mr Orbán or Mr Orbán himself”. You’ll repeat at the party.

In the course of the conversation, but Beer gives your original presentation. “The MIRROR has not printed everything to what we provided to him have of information, that is his decision,” says Beer. The magazine have given you information about a conversation, “not have happened”.

of Beer refers to a Passage in the article, in their Attempts to exert influence in favour of Hungary. For years, EU condemn Commission and the European Parliament, violations of the rule of law in Hungary. Mid-September 2018, the parliamentarians finally put to a vote relating to a proceeding under article 7 of the EU Treaty on the agenda. The state could ultimately be the member’s rights withdrawn to the right to vote in the European Council. In the SPIEGEL article, specifically, it’s a conversation Beers with the FDP-MEP Nadja Hirsch in August 2018. The Passage in the text:

On the 30. August, two weeks before the vote in Strasbourg, held a meeting in Berlin the programme Commission of the FDP for the European elections. On the edge of Beer have taken note of the FDP-MEP Nadja Hirsch on the page, so it portrays the deer.

Beer, so I asked whether she and her two FDP wanted to vote members for the article 7 procedure against Hungary. “Of course, we agree”, the deer replied. Beer have said, the deputies should rethink this again. She was of the opinion that in Germany a lot of false would communicate information about the Situation in Hungary. Then you have a reference to their contact with the Hungarian Ambassador and Hirsch suggest, the arguments to listen to.

Beer describes the encounter differently. “I have raised no deputies.” You have Hirsch recommended a Hungarian diplomat as a conversation partner. “I have informed Mrs. Hirsch,” says Beer. The Diplomat who applied but never.

In the MIRROR, both versions of the meeting – both the deer as well as those of Beer. How does the FDP-politician against this Background, then, but to the statement that the MIRROR had reflected information about a conversation, “not have happened”? Beer admitted finally on Friday, compared with the present representatives of the MIRROR: “they have also shown that there are two versions of this conversation.”

Beer from the castle to a demand of a journalist in the round, legal action against the report on Hungary, contacts to initiate and reasoned it this way: “This is a dispute that must I search for content and politically”. Of the party “, and also to me personally are not well-served, the legal steps to clarify”.

Viktor Orbàn

you have sympathy for the people in Hungary, but not for the Orbán government, explains Beer. It was a big difference. “We try to bundle other civil forces in the middle”, you have to go to Hungary, talk and get their perspective, listen to it. “That’s because friendships, so that helps,” says Beer.

In the Beer criticized the SPIEGEL article, there is also the personal contacts of the politician and her husband Jürgen Illing to the previous Orbán-Minister Zoltán Balog, a trained pastor. Last fall, the Couple was even from Balog in Budapest trusted. (Read more about the accusations against Beer).

In the FDP, it is expected that the Congress might be on the Sunday around the lists-choice of FDP MEPs Nadja Hirsch controversial. The 40-Year-old is under pressure, since you try in the MIRROR the case of the alleged Interference Beers to the public.

In FDP circles is not excluded, that deer will be punished on Sunday. Internally, it was noted that the deer had long been without controversy and she was able to prevail in November in the establishment of the Bavarian Europe in a runoff election.

On the question of whether deer should expect to fly on Sunday by the Europe list, says Nicola Beer: “This will have to choose the Congress, I can tell you nothing, I have no Problem with female deer.”

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