you will discourage adult smokers from tobacco consumption, but at the same time a harder “Hit” than conventional E-cigarettes, the manufacturers promise the Trend of E-cigarette Juul in presentations that you show to potential investors. A Contradiction. In the USA the E-cigarette which resembles a USB Stick is especially popular with young people. For many, it is likely to be the first contact with the addictive substance nicotine. Now, Juul is also available in Germany – parents and Doctors are alarmed.

The sales begin nationwide first in about a thousand tobacco shops and so-called Vape Stores that have specialized in E-cigarette, told the manufacturer Juul Labs in Hamburg, where the German subsidiary has its seat.

How dangerous are E-cigarettes

In Germany, according to the Association of the E-cigarette trade in the year 2016 are estimated at 3.5 million people, at least occasionally, E-cigarette Smoking. Unlike conventional cigarettes, no tobacco smoke contains approximately 4800 chemicals, 90 of which demonstrated to cause cancer arises in the electronic variant. For many, the face of the E-cigarette to be positive, you will see, therefore, as an opportunity to phase out of tobacco dependence in order to reduce the risk of diseases. In Germany, about 121,000 people die each year from the effects of Smoking.

organizations such as the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) to confirm, the selected main pollutants of tobacco smoke – including cancer are reduced substances in the vapor of E – cigarette. This does not mean, however, that tobacco heater are harmless. Because anyone who smokes an E-cigarette, cancer-causing substances.

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The world health organization (WHO) fears that young people could get in on the E-cigarette in the tobacco. In the United States has met this fear already, where “Juuling” has become a Trend in the high schools.

“The case of Juul shows that you can’t let the E-cigarettes market themselves”, said the German government drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler (CSU), of the MIRROR. “We need to look carefully, whether the current upper limit for the nicotine is in order.”

a Significantly lower nicotine content than in the USA

Juul is to be offered on the German market in five flavors with a nicotine level of 20 milligrams per Milliliter. This corresponds to the permitted European maximum value. Germany is the seventh market to buy on the Juul.

In the United States offers Juul its products with significantly higher nicotine values, which would be forbidden in Europe. In the United States is in a cartridge so much addictive nicotine in 20 cigarettes. The liquid supplies according to the manufacturer a faster, harder Kick than conventional E-cigarettes.

The two Stanford students in California, based Startup was able to achieve against large corporations such as Philip Morris in the United States a share of the market for E-cigarettes of 70 percent. In Germany, the market for E is estimated cigarettes to 300 to 400 million euros, and the trend is rising.

critics have Long warned that young people using E-cigarettes with candy or fruit to get the taste in the nicotine and later in tobacco cigarettes end up.


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