A Paris court has one of the most important drug dealers in Europe, sentenced to 22 years in prison. The man was caught in 2013 when the smuggling of 1.3 tonnes of cocaine on Board an Air France plane from Venezuela to France and arrested.

The narcotics with a market value of at that time, an estimated 200 million euros was hidden in more than 30 suitcases on a plane and at the airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris in September 2013, have been discovered.

Initially, the culprit was able to escape. Only two years later, police officers came to the British on the Costa del Sol in the South of Spain, in cooperation with the British and French police. The authorities delivered the man to France, where the prosecution demanded 25 years in prison.

“I stress my innocence,” said the offender in his final statement before the court. According to the Prosecutor Isabelle Raynaud’s he was “not a petty criminal scapegoat.” Together with his accomplices of the men were “in the highest echelons of organized crime, which supplied European networks”.

The court sentenced alongside three accomplices from the UK and Italy, to imprisonment between five and 13 years, plus 30 million Euro penalty payment. D. should be deprived of his entire fortune.

The perpetrator had according to the investigators, Connections to criminal organisations in Europe, including in Germany. His influence is said to have over Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Latin America. The as a very dangerous force man lived according to the investigators for years, “very luxurious” with his family in the southern Spanish province of Málaga.

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) praised the ruling in France. D. is “one of the most important Criminal in organized crime in Europe, with a network that spanned practically the entire globe,” said Vice-Director Matt Horne. The group is involved in intimidation, shootings, and murders.


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