The US coffee house chain Starbucks wants to enter the United States into the delivery business. The company plans, together with UberEats, a subsidiary of the travel service intermediary Uber, to provide customers coffee home. The plans, the company presented at an investor conference in New York, as the “Wall Street Journal” reported.

Therefore, Starbucks tested its delivery service, already successfully in Miami.In the next year, around a quarter of all 8,000 locations in the USA to provide coffee and cold drinks to home

Many restaurant chains now offer delivery services, in order to secure an additional source of Revenue. Even large Fast-Food chains such as McDonald’s or Burger King deliver to your food, in the meantime, home. So that you don’t want to reach also the customers who come into the Restaurant.

Virtual Stores in China

But the delivery of food provides companies with special challenges, because the products must be reliable, fast and warm customer. According to trade experts, this could be especially when coffee difficult. In addition, it is questionable whether customers are willing to pay only small orders a delivery charge.

In China, offers Starbucks the Service for quite some time. More than 2,000 Local in 30 cities to deliver the products of the company to home, Starbucks is working closely with the supply Department of the Tech-giant Alibaba. Their driver promises to deliver Starbucks coffee in less than 30 minutes. The chain is experimenting in China with a virtual store, customers can enter via the App, view products, order and deliver.

The coffee market has become in the past few years, always competitive, smaller independent chains in the High-End and low-cost competitors such as Dunkin Brands Group Starbucks now considerable competition.


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