Two outfits strive to introduce virtual reality in training

Cornerstone OnDemand said Nov. 20 that it will join hands with Facebook to introduce virtual reality (VR) in training and developing the global workforce in a full-fledged manner.

Toward that end, Cornerstone will collaborate with Facebook’s Oculus. The former is a global business bellwether in the cloud-based learning and talent management.

As a mounting number of organizations resort to VR to jack up training efficiency and efficacy among their employees, the Cornerstone-Facebook cooperation is expected to hit a success.

For instance, workers in high-risk fields are encouraged to train with VR so as to reduce the risk of injury and costly mistakes. And this is the case for other industries such as healthcare.

In this climate, the global market for business use of VR hardware and software is expected to skyrocket from around $1 billion last year to more than $12 billion by 2025, according to Tractica Research.

Under the agreement, Cornerstone plans to work with Oculus to enable clients to build applications that can seamlessly track VR training completion data directly within a Cornerstone’s dedicated system.

Cornerstone’s founding CEO Adam Miller pinned his hype on the bilateral alliance.

We’ve seen a growing interest from our clients to start incorporating virtual reality into their skills training and development programs,” Miller said.

We quickly realized we needed to create a simple, efficient process for capturing and measuring the impact of this type of training data. We feel collaborating with Facebook and Oculus was the best choice to ensure reach and scalability across our mutual clients.”

Observers note that it is always a good idea to collaborate with big players like Facebook.

“Considering the brand value of Facebook, the cooperation would bode well for Cornerstone. The latter would try hard to come up with tangible results through the two-way alliance,” an industry source said.