André Poggenburg remains politically loyal: After the former state and party leader of the AfD in Saxony-Anhalt on Thursday the exit of his party by E-Mail, and the building of a new party with the name “awakening of the German patriots,” announced, declared, he adorns his pages on Facebook and Twitter with a blue cornflower.

The flower is burdened because of their usage in the past: it was used by the Austrian national socialists, as a sign of recognition, as the Nazi party and their emblems between 1933 and 1938 were banned in Austria.

Previously, the movement of the German national politician Georg von Schönerer was already using the cornflower as a Symbol. The anti-Semitic Austrian is considered to be one of the models of Adolf Hitler.

Even today, politicians of the right-wing populist FPÖ attach in Austria, whose party color is blue, a grain flower to the lapel. In the Berlin house of representatives of the AfD-MP, Andreas made Wild in November for a scandal, as he had at a commemorative event for the “Kristallnacht”, a cornflower in the lapel.


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