People eat roasted meat with a bottle of OB Cass beer while wearing masks over their eyes at this caricature, which OB shared through its Instagram page. It generated controversies, which prompted OB to take it out.

Oriental Brewery, unit of AB InBev, faces backlash due to its caricature

Oriental Brewery (OB), the South Korean unit of global giant AB InBev, comes under criticism for its caricature of showing joke about wearing masks amid the virus threat.

Late last week, the Seoul-based outfit shared a caricature through its Instagram page where three people eat roasted meat with a bottle of OB Cass beer while wearing masks over their eyes.

Amid the dramatic spread of COVID-19, it raised the ire of people who accused OB of making fun of the coronavirus crisis that results in the rising human toll across the world.

Of note is OB owner AB InBev, the world’s largest brewing company, is behind the Corona brands, although there is no link between coronavirus and Corona larger.

Internet users lashed out at OB, claiming that the caricature at issue encourages behaviors strictly forbidden by the country’s health authorities like touching masks too often with hands.

And they worry that people can contract the fast-spreading COVID-19 through their eyes.

OB eventually took out the caricature in question. When contacted, an OB official said that comments from its marketing team members are not available since they work at home.

This is not the first time that OB’s marketing campaigns through its social-networking site generated debates.

Last November, its ads allegedly compared a girl group member to food so as to generate controversies, which prompted the company to delete the ads.

A month earlier, the brewery also caused fuss after signing an ad contract with an entertainer who was indicted for driving under the influence of alcohol.


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