The Federal court of audit makes the Department of defense for the explosion in Costs for the repair of the sail training ship “Gorch Fock” is partly responsible.

A confidential report alleges that the increase in costs for the repair to around 135 million Euro was due to serious mismanagement in the Navy, procurement office, and also in the Ministry.

In the 39-page report criticises the fact that, from the beginning, “the Basis for the planning of” missing – damage to the ship had not been properly investigated and assessed. Other information were not used, “the repair of the ship to adequately prepare”. The competent Authorities had not pulled “from the information available to the necessary consequences”.


The list of accusations is long. The charge had carried out “before the start of the Maintenance intervention, no cost-effectiveness study”. It has never been seriously explored, whether the construction of a new ship it would have been cheaper. “Prior to the start of Work was not clear whether the repair of the Gorch Fock was still economically profitable,” according to the examiner.

Under the Leyens line for almost everything

wrong, The Dossier is for Ursula von der Leyen, bitter, and dangerous. Started as a campaigner against the exploding costs for armor projects, must be read now as under her leadership, the “Gorch Fock” almost everything has been made incorrectly, as important information was silted up, and at the end due to wrong Figures, perhaps twice, decided to leave the expensive Mission running.

The repair of the “Gorch Fock” had begun in November 2015. At that time, the school ship for 9.6 million euros, should be overhauled because of damage to the hull in 17 weeks. More than three years later, the ship is now completely disassembled in the shipyard. , The Works are stopped. Only if a Task Force has inspected the test report, to decide, in the end of the world, whether and how to do it.

The court has researched the case since June 2018. The officers discovered a series of planning errors. So ignored the Navy and the procurement office a report of the wreck Commissioner, of the ship already in 2011, we inspected and found that the “ship-structural investigation”, for decades never properly and comprehensive was carried out.

“holes in the outer skin”

the report was serious. Severe corrosion damage will not be seen “through holes in the outer skin as well as damage to carriers and bulkhead walls”, also the leak and the bilge system due to corrosion functional. He warned that “from the actual ship’s structural condition over a period of many years, an important risk of the ship and crew originated”.

Similar to the dark other remarks can be read on the outer skin of the ship. Thus, the auditor shall expect that the wear per year, removes about 0.1 mm to steel. Consequently, the hull would have been lost since the construction of almost half of its 10 to 12 mm. Normally, the report, apply to the vessel walls in far less wear and tear as “undersized and must be replaced”.

Despite the alarming data, but the Navy put on a rehabilitation of the “Gorch Fock” and put the cost several times much to low. The auditor attended the meeting documents of the time. “The discussion posts Marine” interpret according to their point of view “either on a complete misunderstanding of the situation or the company’s commitment to the continued operation of the Gorch Fock”.

arrived Every day in the Dock: 10.000 Euro

in the yard, was in November of 2015, the true extent of the hull damage day-to-day visible. In Parallel, the cost estimates rose In March to 12.2 million, a little later on 33.5, and in September, finally, to an impressive 64.5 million euros.

Now the project Manager pulled the ripcord. He wanted to get from the Ministry a green light for More. However, he brought back a note as an Option, the “Stop of the project Gorch Fock” and the “subsequent decommissioning of the unit” in the game – after all, every day costs in the Dock proud of 10,000 euros.

at the Latest, here is the chronology for the Minister starts explosive. Were previously only the Navy and the procurement office involved, was now her Ministry is active, at the end, even you even. Twice, in January 2017 and March 2018, was von der Leyen is the continuation of the repair. Publicly defended the decision by saying that the renovation was cheaper than a new ship.

Both decisions are dubious. The auditor to disclose that your house fed the Minister with false data. Therefore, it was still made, no complete assessment of hull damage and, consequently, the planning office, called in a Minister of the template an airbrushed look from a maximum of 75 million Euro. From the point of view of the controller, this number was simply “wrong”.

For the Minister, however, must have the paper from the planning Department of the convincing read. Therefore, the further restoration was the “most effective and most sustainable Option”, the Work required “high expenses”, the Option to Continue but had “the lowest implementation risk”. 26. January was the end of the world the paper. So it went on.

The “Gorch Fock”, The “Gorch Fock” is the Pride of the Navy. In 1958, at Blohm and Voss built the sailing ship for decades as a training vessel for all marine, nearly 15,000 recruits were trained on her. Under tough conditions to get a feel for the real shipping, with sails instead of engines, and hammocks instead of bunks. The barren life on Board to strengthen the fellowship. Internationally, the ship is considered the flagship of the German armed forces, graced over the decades, the 10-Mark Note, and has been laid up for the Navy almost 750,000 nautical miles. In recent years, the ship made for Negative headlines, especially because of the tragic death of a young recruit and Report on the sadistic rituals of a now deposed captain.

Again, the line template lazy

it was a Similar chaotic it a year later. In March 2018, the cost estimates were arrived at a healthy 135 million euros. Re-freeze has been imposed, again, the Minister should decide whether or not it works. But this Time, the line template was lazy. Although you suggested as an Option for the construction of a new ship, but warned it would cost up to 167 million.

The court of auditors questioned these Figures. It is no longer assumed to be a large ship, which corresponds to the character of the “Gorch Fock”. In addition, sailing school vessels had been made by other Nations in recent years, “at a much lower cost than the 2. Management bill is passed,” says the report.

Again, the suspicion that some Ministerial or marine people with false Numbers wanted to the renovation of the “Gorch Fock” by pressing. Sober, the auditors write: Both templates “were making incorrect assumptions and contained inaccurate or erroneous statements.” The decisions of the Minister based “on false, or not sufficiently meaningful information”.

Punish the people responsible is difficult

Von der Leyen, is relieved by the report only superficially. You could have made due to incorrect templates, wrong decisions, it must annoy you excessively. However, it remains as the Minister for all the operations in your house, also for the creation of wire templates. Their Top officials deceived they may be, is so much more than just a little mishap.

Punish the responsible but difficult. The two incorrect templates were received at the end by the hands of their state Secretary Katrin Suder, who has left the house already. The second submission in March 2018 was responsible for, ultimately, Benedict room, then head of the Department A. the room is close to the side of the Minister, as military Secretary of state.

Of the Leyens speaker, the content of the report wanted to comment anything, since the Ministry has to give to April, compared to the auditors opinion. “We check internally whether the suspensions and allegations of fact in the report are true,” said the spokesman.

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