This question will occupy in Germany, politicians and the Public for years: How to how society wants to deal with it, that the population is on average getting older and older? How the people should care of a decent portion of the population is organized and funded?

it is now Clear: the ageing of The society leads to significant increases in Expenditure in the statutory nursing care insurance. The contributions have increased just 2.5 to slightly more than 3 percent of the gross income. The but will not be sufficient soon, according to a study commissioned by the Bertelsmann Foundation.

In six years will have to increase the contributions again, scientists from the economy calculated by the research Institute Prognos, for Bertelsmann: From 2025 to 2045, the researchers expect to see an increase to 4.25 percent. The reason is the expected increase in the patient: In the year 2017, 3.3 million relief goods to the needy, 2045, it should be according to the Prognos five million people.

In the care industry itself is the mood according to a survey from bad to worse. The Newspapers of the “editors’ network in Germany, reports,” referring to the “Care-climate-Index”, which is collected on behalf of the German care tags.

Thus, by the end of 2018 under the nurses, Doctors, patient, relatives as well as representatives of funds and organisations assessed 29 percent of the respondents, the quality of care as “poor”. That’s five percentage points more than in the previous year.

28 percent assess patient safety as “low”. In 2017, the proportion was 26 percent. The working conditions of the nurses rated 60% of the respondents as “bad”. This is an increase of at least nine percentage points.


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