The green door under the glass is open the canopy from the turn of the century. A little hidden is the artistic home of Claudia Biehne is located in this building on the outskirts of the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei. “No 10, F” is the brick wall. Since 2003, the Leipzig-based porcelain artist is a part of the scene here.

“From Cotton to Culture” – the Slogan of the operator of the site in the district of Plagwitz – from cotton to culture. An English motto of the old spinning mill had not yet, as it was built in 1884. The original Business aim was to meet the global demand for cotton.

Today, the site is considered to be the heart of the Leipzig art scene – first of all, the New Leipzig school star Painter Neo Rauch. On around 100,000 square meters of the city’s galleries, project spaces and studios, the present national and international art in the southwest. Also for porcelain art, such as from the Hand of the 44-year-old Claudia Biehne, of course.

visitors can practice in Apartments in the Bauhaus style

the tree was a cotton mill from the beginning, something like a city within the city. Georg Lisek, even an artist and as a art educator for tours on the Site, shows on the large watercolor in the so-called archive is massive, such as the visitor’s center was baptized in the oldest building of the spinning mill.

That was long after the Leipzig cotton spinning mill the largest on the continent After only 25 years from the founding, it was the spindles on six hectares of land, 20 buildings, 240.000, 208 Combing machines and 1600 workers.

There was the fire brigade, factory canteen, swimming pool, Kindergarten. The war, the buildings survived, because the roofs are covered in greenery were so huge that the bomber pilots thought they were meadows, so the legend says.

In the Lustgarten, the former Director of the Villa the views of the workers ‘ houses are today’s sought-after living space. Idyllically located in the shadow of the trees, tasting in the Bistro “The supplier” coffee, cakes and warm snacks.

if you want to stay as a guest on the site, you can also do this: Four room Apartments are available, all of which were designed in the Bauhaus style. The tour around the grounds, shows how widespread and respectable is the factory system. Incredibly beautiful huge rooms with fantastic views of the incidence of light, of all places – that was and is the hallmark of the spinning mill.

Here is the New Leipzig school has its roots

In the year 2000, it was closed the last manufacturing plant, in 2001, three real estate agents purchased from West Germany, the Area. Elsewhere it would have been perhaps loft apartments. Not so in Leipzig, where it is the turn of the Millennium, for something so high priced, no tenants.

“Then something blossomed like a Phoenix from the ashes”, summons Lisek this green currently. And the artists who created the site new life and still breathe says.

The world famous and renowned New Leipzig school has its roots, Star Neo Rauch, one of the first hour, still in his Studio. Where, exactly, the may and the tour guide does not want to reveal. The Run was sometimes just too hard. Especially American collector bought unseen everything, the main thing is that the Leipzig school.

Quickly, the tree develops woolen mill is one of the largest cultural centers for art-interested travellers from all over the world. Already in 2007, the English “The Guardian called” the art factory relevant the hottest place on earth meant – “” (English: the hottest place in the world). A Shooting Star! Well-known galleries such as Galerie Eigen + Art by Judy Lybke settle on the Area.

The cotton mill is not to Künstlerzoo

twice a year, in spring and in autumn, it loads the spinning mill to the big tour. Especially on such days, it is visible, that artistic creativity, as well as the business and the relationship to the Public need a balance.

“For one thing, the spinning should not be the Künstlerzoo or Fairground,” says Michael Ludwig, a spokesman for the spinning. For another, every artist need to, of course, the strong financial collectors.

The Sebastian Burger looks so. His Studio is located in house 18, since 2009, it is his artistic home. 110 square meters, perfect light. “So a super nice Studio would be somewhere else is priceless,” says the painter. He likes the sleepy-dreamy mood at the weekend, but also the hustle and bustle during the week. “I realize, of course, as the site fills up more and more,” says Burger. He hopes that the change is carefully.

For a short breather between the big halls 18 and 14 of the views of the impressive window fronts with huge slices. It is easy to imagine how the workers were once their day’s work. In hall 14, the heart of the spinning mill, is even easier to machine oil smell in the air.

For porcelain artist Claudia Biehne is your Studio at the same time an exhibition space. Interested visitors can see the emergence of the delicate individual pieces or the finished works on the shelves to admire. “Compared to Berlin, I breathe here, air”, the artist calls as a reason why it keeps spinning even after 15 years of Loyalty.

guests sets Biehne a visit to the Luru-cinema to the heart. Just behind the tall chimney of the spinning mill, it goes down into the cellar. And here, too, the art is already waiting. The Wallpapers in the rooms are Original Lino-cuts by artist Christoph ruck häberle, together with Michael Ludwig, the Luru. The small cinema, with daily game point and the secret Highlight of the site is operating for many calls.

By the back exit visit guide Lisek led the guests in the course of spinning. The fortress-like foundations make for a great climate and constant temperatures of between 16 and 17 degrees. Ideal conditions for the printers, whose Kingdom is down here. Thus, the art has conquered every square inch of the spinning mill.

The cotton mill is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 18 PM, and admission is free ( The night in a master room Apartment the cost is from 90 Euro at the time of booking as a double room (

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