In Germany, fulfilled the dream of home ownership for many people never. In the South of Italy, you can realize this desire. In Sambuca di Sicilia, a small town in the West of Sicily, apartments are offered at a bargain price. Such as “CNN” and “The Guardian” reports, the cost of 40 to 150 square meters of apartments and houses only a Euro. Vice-mayor Giuseppe Cacioppo says: “If you want the house, you get it immediately.”

in order Cacioppo wants to work, especially the depopulation. For years, the residents of the Region fleeing due to the lack of prospects in the larger cities. In Sambuca di Sicilia is less than 6000 people are currently living in only 80 km away, Palermo is almost 650,000.

The purchase of A home, however, also has a catch: Although the Administration has said that this was not a PR-action. Yet, the owner is obliged in the course of three years of renovation work to the value of at least 15,000 Euro. In addition, the buyer will need to pay 5000 Euro for the city as a Deposit in – case of unforeseen circumstances.

Those bargain prices are in Italy, however, is no longer a rarity. In 2017, were offered in the Sicilian town of Gangi, the houses for one Euro. Also, Gangi has to contend with a country escape.


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