He was regarded as a great Talent, now Kevin Panne joke’s out of a Job. Recently, the 27-Year-old in third-tier Carl Zeiss Jena under contract, the club has a second terminated League professional Panne joke now “extraordinary”, it said in a statement. To not want to the reasons, the eighteenth in the table comment.

In the past, the breakdown has been criticised for a joke, but repeatedly – for his physical Constitution. Recently criticized coach Luke Kwasniok glitch joke’ Obesity. The player himself has not commented yet.

Still, the case raises a question that the courts have dealt more frequently: What happens if a boss like, how much his employees weighs? He is allowed to throw him out?

In 2015, the düsseldorf labour court was a gardener, who in turn had sued his employer. This had terminated his employees, because he found it too thick – but the court ruled that the Chef could not convey, convincingly, why a collaboration with the man.

Clearly, in professional sports, the Work of an entire team can depend on how fit the Individual in the Team. But goes to the employer, how much to weigh his employees? A termination due to Obesity would be non-discriminatory?

obesity as a disability

lawsuits, in which it comes to these issues, has facilitated the European court of justice (ECJ) over four years ago. At the time, he noted that obesity can be classed as a disability. In Germany, a novelty, here are Overweight were considered only as disabled, if a result of diseases set, such as Diabetes, or severe joint problems.

workers with disabilities may not be discriminated against in working life. If a company wants to dissolve the employment relationship with a disabled person, it must be able to justify very well. In the case of severe disabilities, the local integration and the case will check, and the workers in this Situation, especially support. Not least, an integration office, a notice can prevent also.

With the ECJ ruling but also the special responsibility of employers is clear: If colleagues have a chubby colleagues make fun of, must protect the head of him before. Types of attacks to bullying, he needs to throw the ringleaders in the extreme case, even out.

years ago, the labour courts clarified that a company has to also ensure that suitable, safe work equipment and furniture. You must take into account the special physical needs of an individual employee. This affects not only Overweight, but also office workers, who had a herniated disc and not an entire day long sitting.


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