For six years, teaching the autistic child of a Frenchwoman in a special facility for students with special needs. His mother saw his human right to education violated, because the French authorities did not intend to allow a rule to go to school.

Now the mother has failed with its complaint before the European court of human rights. The court dismissed the complaint as unfounded (complaint number 2282/17).

In the special device to be adapted to the teaching methods to the impairment of the child. In addition, the child had, as it was taught at a mainstream school, little contact with other students, have neither read nor written.

The French authorities could have considered the special needs of the child against the potential Benefits of a mainstream school and had come to the conclusion that a special device is better suited. Lack of resources in mainstream schools were not crucial to the decision.

scale for the reasoning of the judges in Strasbourg, the human rights Convention of 1950 and its first additional Protocol, which declared in 1952 the right to education.

The UN disability rights Convention in 2008, will continue in their demands. France has also ratified the document. It provides that students with and without special needs together to inform should be.


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