I’ll admit it now: I come from the village. And still, I got a woman, what it means for us. But I would be a Tungara frog, it could have been complicated with the life partner. Because as the Tungara frog from the country, I would not have been able to Express myself just as good as my male competitors from the city.

Precisely this mechanism, researchers have in the in South and Central America frequently occurring species was discovered. The brown-greenish, and about three inches large animals live in urban areas than in rural. They prefer small ponds or flooded grasslands as a habitat. At mating time, they perch at night in ponds and taste, with a pronounced Loud to attract females.

The courtship sounds of the animals are remarkably complex. You start with a kind of Heullaut, then other components are added, so-called Chuck , to this Sounds, the females respond, scientists have found in previous studies.

A Team led by Wouter helped the work of the Dutch Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam listening to now, how the Calls in the Tungara frogs (Engystomops pustulosus) are different from urban and from rural areas. The researchers observed the behavior of frogs from each of the eleven original and eleven populated areas of Panama. The biologists wanted to know, what is the influence of the urban environment has on the communication ability of the animals.


in fact, the researchers noted in the study, published in the journal “Nature, Ecology & Evolution” : the Sounds of The city frogs are much more complex. In addition, you call also more likely than their male counterparts of the species from the Wild.

The behaviour has consequences for the pairing, write the experts. Because, obviously, the frog find the females, the Cries of the City-frogs very much more interesting. The scientists found in the laboratory recorded Calls of the Tungara females played.

The biologists suggest that environmental noise, but also sensory changes, such as the light of street lamps, the changes in the behavior of the animals have caused. In addition, it could afford to the city of frogs, to call more often, because they have to fear in the urban environment, fewer predators, such as bats in the Wild.

animal sounds Quiz DPA tubes, growl, burp

The researchers made another Experiment: they put the city of frogs in rural regions, and Vice versa, the eggs in populated areas. Now the city males adapted to their new environment: they reduced the complexity of their Calls. This was not the land of frogs in the city.

The researchers suggest that the adaptability of the animals in the course of time more on the urban space has focused. Because the animals have made the experience: Even a loud Call to the female attracts here more ravenous bats.

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