Regina’s Killer may have been talking about for once, in a Rage. For years, the woman from the top is dragged in Holzkirchen, Bavaria, by a neighboring couple who don’t like the bells of their cows, before the court. “I hope that this eventually ends and peace returns,” she says.

After all, this Thursday the court gave her right: your neighbors need to endure the Ringing of the cowbells. But that does not mean that the case is done. Earlier courts had ruled.

First of all, the husband of the neighbours had complained, and in 2015 a comparison in front of the district court of Miesbach, which should reduce the bell noise. The compromise was not from the point of view of the newcomers to the plaintiff, however, had the desired effect, which is why he went out in 2017 before the district court of Munich II – and lost.

the Killer had at the time of the process to visitors, as the champion of the traditions to celebrate. A waiver of the bells was never in question. It’s not just about you and your cowbells. “If it goes on like this, Bayern in the end,” said the Farmer, to applause.

First the man, then his wife

complains, that the hearty words impressed the district court at that time. At the end of the judges in December 2017 justified their judgment in favor of Killers is simply that the comparison was binding, the parties to the dispute in front of the Mies had closed Bacher court.

it didn’t stop the couple, however. According to the husband, a businessman, the exclusive property belongs to, complained to his wife. This Thursday the regional court has to decide again and again it ruled against the noise-afflicted neighbors.

The wife to stand, there is no claim, reasoned the court, the dismissal of the action. It was not the owner of the property. While this formal aspect was for the judgment is crucial. However, the judge left no doubt as to how high you weight the importance of the Bavarian customs and traditions in comparison to the Tranquillity of your neighbors. The court expressed “massive doubts” to the arguments of the applicant, spoke of a “Ortsunüblichkeit” grazing use. In fact, it is in the foothills of the Alps tend to everything else as an exception, if on a green Meadow cows with bells and browse.

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in Addition, the court doubted that it had indeed given “a substantial impairment”. It went to five cows, four bells, six weeks and eight cows, with six bells, four and a half weeks, listed judge Christiane Karrasch. The applicant had kept meticulous book.

you also stated: The bells bimmelten at night, you do not get eye. She had not complained only against a Killer, the leads operating with about three dozen cows in a family, but also against the municipality, which has leased about one acre of pasture land. A thorn in the side of the woman was also on the pasture, manure was applied.

“you have to accept That, if you’re moving to the country.”

the Killer was “very satisfied with the outcome of the proceedings”. It will go to the preservation of the local traditions. “That drives me,” says Killer. Also, the conclusion must be that, “agriculture is bad”. Finally, it should be something quite Normal, if it smell on a farm once, or perhaps to hear once cow bells. “You have to accept that, if you’re moving to the country.”

not everyone looks like that. In fact, it was in southern Bavaria in the past few years, complaints about cowbells; of these, several cases ended up in court. So for example in Bad Reichenhall. There, a lawsuit ended with a settlement, the restricted the Wearing of bells. In 2015, there was a – rural – rule the rights of a large demonstration against a court-imposed bell-prohibition. 150 people moved through the tourist town.

In Rottach-Egern dealt by 2017, the municipal Council with a complaint about loud cow bells. Again and again it is in the free state, moreover, clashes between long-time residents and Newcomers about roosters and loud bells – not only in cows but also in churches.

Killer hopes after the stage victory, that they must now spend less time with legal arguments. “I have to do as a farmer, enough already with the care of the animals in the yard.”

However, after the end of the bells-feud doesn’t look it currently. The higher regional court (OLG) of Munich has to deal soon with the appointment of a husband. And for the current judgment in the proceedings the wife of the lawyer Peter HART heart announced in the afternoon, he wanted to go in appeal and, where appropriate, to the Federal court of justice.

in the meantime, the comparison has consisted of: cows with bells to graze only in the at least 20 meters distant part of the pasture. The entrepreneur and his wife, the distance is not enough. Killer hopes, however, that in the future the bells of their cows jingle.

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