on Thursday successful moon landing of the Chinese increases not only the Knowledge about the earth’s satellite – but also the amount of garbage that people leave behind there.

hundreds of items of equipment, probes and other tools, the previous missions have brought you to today, to the moon and back to left. This includes cameras, probes, devices, and smashed the room.

But in the aftermath, witnesses not only of various scientific studies, but also a lot of symbolism: a Bible, the feather of a hawk and an olive branch made of Gold lying in the moon dust as a Symbol of peace – as well as two stray Golf balls.

in 1971, the Astronaut Alan Shepard hit the balls on the moon. He wanted to know how far they can fly in the low gravity – much more than on earth, so the scarce scientific – how predictable – recognition from the sporting field test.

could you? also NASA space Quiz be interested to know How it lives behind the moon

The strange parts on the moon come in front of all of the twelve astronauts who have set foot in the US Apollo missions to the moon.

The US space Agency Nasa has summarized up to the year 2012 left-behind objects in a list, at that time there were 748 parts. Since then there have been other missions, where the devices landed on the moon – such as the Chinese moon Rover “Yutu”, this is true for 2014 as lost.

so Far, there were about 80 missions in the lunar orbit or to the lunar surface. For the coming years, a variety of other projects are planned – the amount of garbage on the guard is likely to steadily be greater.


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