The Schufa credit information, you can on the website "my" order. For those who want to around-the-clock online access to your credit Bureau data, the company is offering appropriate packages, which inform in addition, in the case of credit-related requests or Changes to the own credit via E-Mail or SMS, and so also for more security against identity theft.

Directly to the free credit Bureau information

According to §34 Federal data protection act each consumer per year, can request a data overview for free. As a result, each consumer should be able to know what information is being stored, where they originate and to whom they were forwarded. The data summary should not be with the credit information confused: it contains sensitive personal data, which is why it is recommended that you do not disclose it to third parties.

Here it goes directly to the Schufa

Download Here download for free the credit Bureau application form download

Schufa recommends that the request for a copy of the identity document settle

in order for the credit Bureau of your application for the data overview to more quickly edit, recommends the company, a copy of your identity card to be enclosed. You should be first and last name, address, date and place of birth legible – everything else can be black. The Mitsendung of the document is not mandatory.

According to §34 Federal data protection act each consumer per year Schufa-information, free-of-charge demand. As a result, each consumer should be able to know what information is being collected, how they originate and to whom they were forwarded.

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This stores the Schufa

The Schufa stores the data that you have either reported to the credit reporting Agency or provided by a credit Bureau and business partners about you. Including, for example:

disclosures about credit – or leasing contracts (amount, duration, premature discharge)opening a current account, issue a credit Card to set up a telecommunications account customer accounts in trading

In other matters in the Schufa can help you with that, in principle, a tax Advisor or a specialist lawyer, as well as the consumer service of the Schufa. The credit Bureau also has an independent Ombudsman.

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"Schufa" stands for "protective Association for General credit protection". The Schufa is a joint-stock company, whose shareholders savings banks, banks, as well as shipping trade, and telecommunications companies. The Schufa gives its contractual partners with information on the credit of private individuals. For this purpose, the Schufa determines the likelihood of repayment of the loan. In another article, the colleagues of CHIP explain to you Online, who exactly is Schufa and what you did for tasks.

In this credit rating, among other things, the current payment flow behavior, as well as personal data. FOCUS Online cancellation service (display) a credit contract cancel

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