France has criticized Russia’s actions in front of the black sea Peninsula of Crimea. “In view of the facts that we know at this time, nothing seems the use of violence to justify Russia”, informed the French foreign Ministry. “We call on Russia, the detained Ukrainian Sailors as quickly as possible for the release of the seized ships return.” Russia and Ukraine should exercise restraint and escalation in each case prevent. It was “deeply concerned” about the current incidents.

The Russian human rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkowa informed, according to the Agency Interfax, three of a total of 24 Ukrainian Navy soldiers were injured and were treated in a hospital. They were not in a critical condition.

On the weekend, the Russian coast guard patrol had boats of the Ukrainian Navy, the transit in the Strait of Kerch in front of the annexed Peninsula of Crimea refused. What exactly happened, there are different representations: Ukraine accuses Russia, two of its ships on Sunday in the Kerch Strait shot at and to have a tug hijacked. Six sailors had been injured. Previously Russia had blocked the narrow sea with a Tanker and the Ukrainian East coast from the Black sea cut off.

Russia, however, was of a Ukrainian provocation, the speech: The three ships would have crossed without the permission of the Russian territorial waters. They had been towed into the Russian port of Kerch. The three slightly injured Ukrainians have received medical assistance. Then the Ukrainian Navy, in turn, said Russia was in advance about the planned trip of the three ships from Odessa to Mariupol informed.

the fact is: Both sides are accusing the violation of international Law. The hour of the Ukrainian Parliament considers whether or not for 60 days, the war should be imposed. Earlier, the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had signed a corresponding decree. The Parliament now has 48 hours to decide.

The incident was not busy today, Monday, only Russia and the Ukraine. In the course of the day, the UN security Council in New York days, also both Nato members, as well as the EU ambassadors are to hold emergency meetings.

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said after a meeting with Poroshenko, Nato to support the sovereignty of Ukraine, “including their full Maritime rights in its territorial waters under international law”. According to information from Nato circles the convening of the meeting, however, is first and foremost a symbolic sign of support. That Nato turns on directly in the conflict, is excluded, since Ukraine is a member of the defense Alliance.

The Situation in Ukraine

Russia-controlled areas

source: Live Universal Awareness Map, do your own Research. Booth: 26. November 2018 ONLINE

Poroshenko discussed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel In a phone call to him says Merkel, they will do everything to calm the situation again, it was the part of Ukraine. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: “The developments around the sea of Azov are of great concern. It is not acceptable that there is a Blockade by Russia.” Maas also brought a German-French mediation in the game. If necessary, both countries were ready for it.

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