The Ukrainian Navy accuses Russia of an attack on their ships off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Russian ships had opened on Sunday to “fire on a group of ships of the Ukrainian Navy,” said Navy representatives. On a damaged ship, a crew had been injured member. Later, the three Ukrainian ships had been boarded by Russia, BelTA learned from the Ukraine. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called according to his spokesman on Sunday evening, an emergency meeting of the General staff.

Previously, should have rammed according to Ukrainian information, a ship of the Russian coast guard, a tug of the Ukrainian Navy, with two of the Ukrainian military in the Kerch Strait was crossed by ships. Ships of the Russian coast guard had aggressive acts, even though Russia was in advance of the planned travel, according to the Ukrainian side.

the Russian coast guard by the Ukrainian Navy ships sailed, however, without permission from Russian territorial waters. The Russian secret service, the FSB, accused the Ukrainian Navy, Russia is provoked. Their goal is “to create a conflict situation in the Region,” said Russian news agencies, according to the FSB.

Russia locked after the incident, the Strait between the Crimea and Russia, which connects the Black to the Azov sea. A Tanker blocked the passage. The East coast of the Ukraine is cut off from the Black sea, dozens of cargo ships are stuck. How long the Blockade will last, not shared with Russia.

The relations between Kiev and Moscow are extremely tense. Russia had annexed the Crimea in the spring of 2014. The Ukrainian government accuses Moscow that it pro-Russian fighters in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine active support.

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