Earlier Gangster wore narrow suits, formerly you drove Italian sports cars. Today, you can be at the hairdresser’s the current Cristiano-Ronaldo-haircut, wearing baggy T-Shirts with club emblems, and go to the big Coup in the minibus. So it is at least in Tomás Bárbulos Thriller novel “Assembly of the dead”, in which the author leaves a few unsightly aufgepimpte, Spanish the unemployed and the petty criminals in the basement of a Bank get in, where they are gems worth several million want to steal.

A Caper-Thriller in the character of the crisis, a fast-paced Thriller from the center of the depleted southern European presence: Bárbulo beats for his novel through the few remaining Glamour in his home country, where the offset pieces for his Bank robbery glean Plot.

Once, he describes the dilapidated office of a Mafioso, on the wall, a calendar hangs on to pose for the Ryanair–flight attendants in Bikini. And what is the worst that comes to this mobster to put a debtor under pressure? He travel around to the apartment of his frail parents, and sets them in front of the door; the real estate robbery as a definitive threat and the ultimate cruelty of the present.

No cash in spain

so There are good reasons for the poor sausages in the “Assembly of the dead”, on a prowl. But banks are no longer what they were ten years ago. As it says, a Gangster in the novel: “In banks, there is no more money, just a Computer.”

No cash in spain: the Background of the financial crisis, stories about robberies on financial institutions are not forced to be told the way different banks are good just as a picture of endless wealth, in short: The Bank robbers of today must be innovative.

DISPLAY Tomás Bárbulo:
Assembly of the dead – Thriller

Suhrkamp Verlag; 397 pages; 14.95 € (softcover)

Translation: Carsten Regling

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In the Spanish TV series “house of money”, the Antena-3-production, which was the last year in the Netflix contest for the international Hit, print the gangsters after a Robbery on a Bank note printing company, your money is equal to itself; in the “Assembly of the dead” travel now, just in a different country.

An ominous Client is sending you to Marrakech, where you through the sewers into the vault of a Bank and the welding is to dig, a two-million Euro share of waving to you after the sale of the stolen jewelry. The house is located on the Djemaa el Fna square, a popular with tourists is the market square, formerly a famous place of execution, known also under the name of “Assembly of the dead”. Not a good Omen for raiding, the device then after a few miles start to roll.

As for the camouflage, the guys travel with their wives – everything is better than a Ryan Air flight! – in the minibus over Tangier to the scene of the crime. A not really unobtrusive in a group of men wearing football hairstyles, and the women are tattooed up to the toenails. At the Pool striking a lot of talk about the upcoming Coup, all the time the men are in the auftoupierten hair.

That’s funny, but sometimes a little banal. The women in the novel remain, in contrast to those in the “house of money” – red painted and garishly tattooed additions, the addiction all the time only to the nearest toilet. The gender picture in this book, we call it a little yesterday’s.

Otherwise, the author Bárbulo, reported as a Reporter for the Spanish daily newspaper “El País”, from the Maghreb and the Sahel, addresses the major issues of our time, from the refugee disaster on globalization to Islam. And, then in turn the Great, as he puts it laconically, the usual North-South logic on its head: the Treasury, the impoverished Europe to Africa.

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