In Venezuela has called on the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó to new protests. On Wednesday, people across the country should go against the government of the socialist heads of state, Nicolás Maduro, on the road, said Guaidó in a Twitter spread the Video. The army should face up to it “on the side of the people”.

On Saturday there should be a “big mobilization in Venezuela and around the world,” said Guaidó. In order to the European Ultimatum should be given to Maduro reproduction. Several EU States, including Germany, have set Maduro a period of eight days to call new elections. Otherwise, also want to acknowledge you Guaidó. Maduro rejected the Ultimatum in the case of CNN Türk, in the meantime, as “impudence”.

Already in the past week there had been in Venezuela, mass protests. At least 26 people died.

Video: Guaidó vs Maduro – scenes of the trial of power in Venezuela


Guaidó, the chief of the disempowered Parliament, was appointed last Wednesday to the transitional President of Venezuela. Maduro had triumphed last year, in the case of non-democratic elections and have, therefore, no legitimacy, he said. Although the United States and a number of other States have been behind Guaidó. Nevertheless, he has in Venezuela, no real position of power – that’s why he wants to keep up the pressure on the road and keeping the military on his side.

How Maduro

The stages on the side of the military is currently clearly behind Maduro. The politician was on Sunday demonstratively on the side of the army, Together with defense Minister Vladimir Padrino visited Maduro in a military exercise, the soldiers-to-air missiles, tank shells and other ammunition fired on maneuver objectives. The Exercise is to show the world that he had the backing of the army and was ready to defend the country, Maduro said. The soldiers welcomed him with a: “Always loyal, never a traitor.”

How to Guaidó optimism spread

On the other hand, also Guaidó was confident. In one of his first Interviews since last Wednesday, he told the “Guardian” he was very confident as regards the future of the country. “There are risks… but the reward will be greater.” Everywhere him, smiling people would encounter, said the 35-Year-old. “The people dare to dream… We are awakening from a nightmare.” Venezuela have now the unique opportunity to leave the Chaos behind.

Also Guaidó wooing the military, but especially to simple soldiers. On Twitter, he published the adopted by Parliament law on Amnesty, which guarantees the military impunity if they take part in the restoration of the democratic order. “Distributed to the military in your family, among your friends and neighbors,” he wrote. Oppositional deputies and student leaders handed the document to officials of the national guard.

The leadership of the military has so far continued to Maduro, but in the lower ranks of dissatisfaction, there seems a growing. It is several times smaller uprisings by soldiers. At the weekend, the military attaché of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, Maduro announced the following and Guaidó.

Israel, and Australia recognize Guaidó as a transitional head of state

The United States, Canada and many Latin American countries Guaidó already recognize as a transitional head of state (more about why Trump is interfering in Venezuela, you can find here). On Monday, Israel and Australia joined.

Russia, China, Iran and Turkey, however, hold on to the socialist President Maduro. On Saturday blocked Russia and China in the UN security Council, one of the USA’s proposed statement of support Guaidós.


The security adviser of the US President, Donald Trump, John Bolton, warned, meanwhile, in a series of Tweets before the violence against the Venezuelan Opposition and U.S. diplomats. Any kind of violence and intimidation against American diplomats, against Guaidó or the Opposition-dominated Parliament “would constitute a serious attack on the rule of law” and will undergo a “significant reaction”.


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