for Decades was dominated by four clubs in the Turkish football: The big three Istanbul clubs Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray, and Trabzonspor from the Black sea. Since the founding of the Süper Lig in 1959, the championship went, with one exception (Bursaspor, 2010) always on one of these teams.

this year, the conditions are placed on the head of The table is headed by the Istanbul suburb club Basaksehir, Besiktas and Galatasaray Bob around in the midfield, Fenerbahce is struggling as a second-to-Last against the descent. Some observers are pleased that the Süper Lig become unpredictable. Most Fans, however, consider the shift in power as what it is: an expression of a crisis in Turkish football.

The “Big Four” are not only sporty in distress, but especially financially: Trabzonspor has amassed, according to the economic service “Bloomberg” 121 million euros of debt, Galatasaray 123 million, Besiktas 164 million and Fenerbahce 344 million. Many of the smaller clubs out of money.

“The business of football in Turkey is not sustainable,”

The Need is now so great that the Turkish football Federation (TFF) and the Turkish banking Association (TBB) on the initiative of the government bailouts have worked out program of just under two billion euros. Thus, in particular, the state Bank Ziraat to temporarily assume the debt of several clubs to be consolidated, and be in the position to settle their liabilities.

The TFF wants to monitor the Turkish professional football also in the future. Clubs in breach of financial obligations, shall be sanctioned with point deductions, to the forced descent. TFF chief yıldırım Demirören spoke of a “decisive day for the future” of Turkish football. The Istanbul-based Banker and football expert Tugrul Aksar warns, however, that the Problem will be postponed by the emergency program only, not solved. “The business of football in Turkey is not sustainable.”

criticism has also come from opposition leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu. Instead of football clubs, banks should rather support farmers. “My brothers, finally wakes up, your work, your sweat will not be accepted,” he said. “This Bank is for you and not for the teams.”

The sentence, according to which football is more than just a game, applies in Turkey as in hardly any other country. The people’s identification with their team is enormous. Many clubs, however, have to operate for years beyond their means. The President, often as monarchs over the clubs, Lord, are obliged to present to the Fans each year with the international Stars. In this way, changed players such as Didier Drogba, Lukas Podolski or Robin van Persie in the Turkey. At the same time, missed the clubs to promote their own talents.

The championship leader has close ties to Erdogan

Now, the System to its limits. Turkey is in a financial crisis. Inflation is at 20 percent, the Lira, has lost in the past year, compared to dollars a quarter of its value, which leads to the fact that Turkish clubs pay salaries, often in dollars or euros, can afford foreigners. First, clubs need to sell. The ranks in the stadiums remain more and more empty.

Of the crisis, the big four clubs founded in 1990 in Association Istanbul Basaksehir, is a retort club, playing only since 2007 in the first League benefited so far. The Management of Basaksehir justified by the success of, among other things, with good youth work. Critics say, however, that the club would benefit in the obligation of more expensive players, especially of the close ties to the government. Club chief Göksel Gümüsdag is related to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan has played in his youth, semi-professional football. He also took part in a friendly game at the opening of the new stadium from Basaksehir 2014. It was one of the rare times that the stadium was half-full.

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