leading associations of the German economy, have accused the Federal government in the economic and social policy to the end of the year, a bad balance sheet. “The coalition has been put on the wrong topics. In the coalition agreement, it is not the younger or future generations,” said industry President, Dieter Kempf, the news Agency dpa.

In the economic policy have built up a huge pressure to act because for too long too much is redistributed and invested too little. “Our companies are becoming increasingly impatient. We need to finally have a discernible, future-oriented economic policies,” said Kempf. This is just like a sensible education policy is the best Social and labour market policy. “The policy must address the causes, not just the symptoms,” called Kempf.

The craft lobby pointed to risks that could stop the current economic recovery. It economically will be certainly once again more difficult, said Hans Peter Woll zeal, President of the Central Association of German crafts. “The coalition, but cheques on the future – for what she has and spends on social welfare, pension, labour market and health. This is us and our children and grandchildren have to strain hard and have a mortgage for the future.”

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the employers ‘ President Ingo Kramer criticized, the year 2018 was defined to a significant part of intra-party Controversy: “We have lost since the General election in a year and a half. It is achieved by all three parties, to ask the question, what have you implemented previously politically,” said Kramer. As examples, he cited the dispute in the Union, the so-called upper limit, or the debate in the SPD about the Agenda 2010. “It didn’t fight each Union and SPD, with a rough tone, as it helps the Reputation of politics”, criticized Kramer. “Now we need a constructive work in the matter.”


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