In the dispute with Brazil’s new agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina has defended Gisele Bundchen her work as environmental activist. “It surprised me to see my name negatively mentioned, because I am an advocate for the environment,” wrote the Brazilian Model on Twitter.

The 38-Year-old was responding to criticism of Cristina’s, which is in the new Brazilian government of the right-wing President, Jair Bolsonaro as particularly controversial. She had cuffs “bad Brazilian” called and said that the Model is a pity the Image of the country. “I’m sorry, Gisele Bündchen, you should be our Ambassador, to say how your country protects the environment (…). Don’t come here to say bad things about Brazil, without knowledge of the facts.”

Bündchen, who lives in the United States, referred on Wednesday to many years of experience in environmental issues: “Since 2006, I support projects and am committed for socio-ecological purposes.” She gestured to Brazil for the environmental work. Cuffs has, for years, for the protection of the environment, among others as UN special Ambassador for nature conservation.


environmental activists are concerned that the close Links Bolsonaros could mean for the agricultural lobby is a setback for the protection of the environment in Brazil. Minister Cristina is a representative of the agricultural economy. Critics fear an accelerated deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in order to create new arable and grazing land for agriculture.

in 2017, had mixed in cuffs in the environmental policy of your home country. They accused, for example, the government of the time, to auction off the Amazon to the private sector “”.


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