Nicola Beer is the policy of Viktor Orbán?

Why has she lost recently during their Stuttgart three king’s speech not a word about the conditions in Hungary?

Which contacts the FDP Secretary-General maintains to Orbán’s Fidesz party?

these and other questions are provided in the FDP, in front of the Congress next Sunday. Because there will be Beer to the top candidate for the European elections choose.

“As designated top candidate Mrs Beer is clearly against Orbán and his policy Position,” insists the former FDP Federal justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger. “It’s about our values. And therefore the top candidate to dominate the European election campaign of the liberals in the Public eye, the attacks of the Hungarian Prime Minister – with blood, and convincing.”

Other expressed only behind closed doors: “This is a Problem,” says one. “Nicola Beer must explain,” demanded another.

Viktor Orbán

FDP-Chef Christian Lindner defended the designated top candidate. “Politically, Nicola Beer, our full confidence,” he told the “Handelsblatt”. The liberals criticize the Orbán government and the policies of the Fidesz party hard, the party Chairman. “Then, when old private ties still remain, must be able to withstand the Hungarians very much.”

Thus, Lindner alluded to the friendship between the Beer and the former Orban Minister, Zoltán Balog, the MIRROR reported. Beer knows the studied pastor about her husband Jürgen Illing. Last fall, the Couple was even from Balog in Budapest trusted.

Beers ‘ husband recommended the Ex-Minister of FDP politicians as a conversation partner. Before the vote in the European Parliament last September on the introduction of a procedure against Hungary because of the rule of law violations Illing wrote to the members of the European Parliament Wolf Klinz, Balog was “a close friend, for whose political position on democracy, the rule of law, protection of minorities etc., I my Hand in the fire you must put”. Balog was an independent man who wrote Illing. “Actually, he is one of us :-)”.

What is not mentioned Illing: Balog Orbán served until may of last year, as Minister for health and science. Under Balogs leadership that law was passed that attacked the Central European University (CEU) of the US-American Investor George Soros and teaching in Hungary is massively restricted.

Orban, Balog

You should not take the FDP’s General Secretary for the activities of her husband into custody, according to the party leadership. And Silence did not mean consent.

However, according to SPIEGEL research, has taken Beer to your friend Balog, behind closed doors, in the protection and the conflict of the Soros-University of small talk.

On the 14. June 2018 held Beer at an event of the German-Hungarian society in the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin, a “keynote speech” on the topic of “Hungary’s new government – responsibility for Europe”. The manuscript of your speech, – it was then sent to the participants played the Beer the conflict to the Soros-University of. You know Balog “good enough to have even the slightest doubt as to his Advocacy for the freedom of science”.

We could ask the question whether it makes sense, “debates on more administrative issues such as the recognition of the CEU in the foreground,” said Beer. That must be “solved by the governments”.

Thus, the FDP’s General Secretary, took exactly the line of defense of the Orbán-government to the European Commission: not to be fundamental violations of the rule of law, but of differences of opinion on individual issues.

If it is not operating in Hungary as in the EU, should work, could you talk to each other directly, added Beer, according to the manuscript. “But declarations are not in the Public.”

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Beers party friend Alexander Graf Lambsdorff looks obviously different. He reacted to the adoption of the law in April 2017, with a public statement: The draft law on the restriction of the freedom of Science show once more that Hungary is moving further away from the values of a liberal democracy, wrote to the then members of the European Parliament in a press release.

And further: “The Federal government should use for the introduction of a rule of law procedure against Hungary,” said Lambsdorff. “It does not, it undermines the credibility of the EU as a champion of democracy and the rule of law.”

Beer even took on Tuesday to the discussion of your Person’s position. The allegations are “false and baseless”, said the FDP politician, the “spark”-a media group: “I have no sympathy for the ‘illiberal democracy’ by Viktor Orbán.”

On Sunday, will show whether the delegates of the party tags happy.

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