The works Council of Ford-Werke in Germany, accuses the top leadership of the U.S. auto manufacturer’s severe failings. “The us is angry that the Management always responds when Ford the water is already up to the neck”, and criticised the works Council leader Martin Hennig against the MIRROR.

Last week, Ford Europe announced a savings plan, and associated removal with a massive. Also a complete withdrawal from Europe has since been regarded as not completely excluded. Such a crisis would have been avoided, says Hennig: For many years, the European works Council have proposed measures to limit the losses of the car brand outside of the United States.

Many fear for their jobs

In Russia, for example, the works Council chief, had miscalculated Ford “for many years.” To use instead of the demand of Russian customers for Premium and low cost models, Ford started with the mid-range models such as Mondeo, Focus or Fiesta.

in Western Europe, Ford did not make it often, its range of individual markets, in countries such as Spain, Italy and France, the losses were incurred. “The Europe-Central has assessed the business completely wrong,” says Hennig, “therefore, we are now in the Situation to need to, at a stroke, save a lot of money.” Ford has in Europe 53,000 employees, of which about 24,000 in Germany. Many now fear for your Job.

another reason for the problems, the works Council chief in the frequent management change: In six years, Hennig, three, Europe has experienced leaders.

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